I love you my darling. I will not run to you, or beg to come back. I simply love you. That's it.

You rocked my world. I didn't even know the person like you exists. You know that the chemistry between us was crazy. It felt so ethereal and out of this world. I would literally jump from joy you brought.

Remember how we used to be? So happy and carefree, just like ourselves, with no masks and lies. That was something so pure, tender and innocent.

Do you think of us when you pass by my house where I kissed you the first time holding your face with my trembling hands? Do you think of me when you walk by those streets where were used to walk everyday?

My dear, I will to drop everything and run to you if you need me.

Even though we are no longer together, I will always be by your side, with my love. I am beyond thankful to God and you. You made me feel loved and alive. No matter what, I will always cherish those beautiful moments.

I changed my number today, without telling you. You hurt me to the point that I have no other ways other than to leave. So I am letting you go my love, but my blessings will always be with you. Know that I truly love you. And I really hope that you treasure those memories with me as well. Because I know that you still feel something for me.
AmberDD AmberDD
26-30, F
Aug 16, 2014