I have loved you; it seems, since the beginning of time – so deeply it feels impossible to have begun with my relatively insignificant life. My longing burns when we are apart and consumes when we are together. The more I have of you, the more I want of you, until all that is left are smoldering embers. To be ashes, light on the wind, drifting far away, but ever as one. Above the perils of a life we once knew, having no reminiscence for that time before. 

Watching others, in various stages of growth – some as children, attending their first dance; others celebrating 50 short years… envying none, as the one standing before each, is the very essence of life and light, in our hearts. There is nothing to rival this fire, and nothing, nor time, to quell it. 

Standing on that ledge, one short step, and then the fall – but, together the leap is possible, though neither safe, nor gentle – obstacles that might have broken us individually. 

And the years, they pass and take our youth, but replace it with wisdom and contentedness, though not always peace for, what kind of life would it be, faced with consistent boredom? There is delight, even in the trials, and lessons, and love – more than in the best times actually. It is when we have the pleasure (or anguish) of knowing our true selves and of those we hold closely.

My faults and shortcomings do not scare me, because I have you. Security is not in knowing you will take care of me, though I know you will… it is born from balance, the joining of paths. Embracing two directions might seem foolish, but we are none of us the same. There is magic in the intertwining, witnessing the harmony of sometimes separated footsteps, remaining so.
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Aug 27, 2014