Me (14) ******* A 12 Year Old

Well i go to a water park on a hot day waiting in line. I see this girl with a fine *** around 12 eying me up so i notice she is waiting at the top of the waterside and looking at me. so i just move along in the line and she goes right before me so i go in like normal and about half way down i see her stopped in an enclosed part of the slide so i put my hand out in front of me to stop from hitting her. i stop right before i hit i as only like an inch from her and she grabs my hand and hauls down her bikini and she is facing me and i see her tight ***** there and she drags my hand down there and starts groping herself with my hand so after a few seconds i start doing it myself. then my junk gets hard and sticks out of the whole in my shorts so then i start groping her *** and she moans. then we slide down all the way with me having my legs wrapped around her. then she walks into the girls room and waves for me to follow her so i do i lift her up with my **** rubbing against her *****, brings her into the shower and as soon as i lay her down she drops her bikini and i drop my shorts. she comes over and starts licking it and rubbing it so then after a while i lift her up turn her around and start ***** ******* her. she was too tight to fit my whole **** in i only got around half in, i broke her hymen. so after a while we change positions and i continue ******* her while rubbing her ****, after about 15 mins i felt her tight ***** *** and after about a minute i pull out and *** all over her mouth. after that she swallowed and gave me her number and told me to call her next time im going to the water park so i can come and have more fun.
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What was the number? ;)

wow, awesome

Awesome if it were true

good for you. make sure u call her

Obvious bullshit.

Cool Story Man at happend to me one day at the class trip

Im 15 n ive had that happen to me at walmart but i didnt exactly get that far about half of that<br />
Lucky *** man i wish i was you go back n call her man<br />
Write me man n tell me what happens

ohhh yeah thats a very nice story,.....more gimme more plz private msg me!