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Young Girls !!!

I admire all girls,,,,Over seas theres no age limitt to marrage,and having sex,,,But in the states i think you have to be atlease 16 with parents or garden concent to have an intimate relationship,

tammylynn58 tammylynn58 31-35, T 8 Responses Jul 3, 2009

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******* in a young girls *** is soooo satisfying and also I am not taking their virginity! Oh, and they like it alot too.

the only thing that stops me is law otherwise i love them young

me too i think there so hot

I have yet to hear of anyone getting into trouble for humping an underage teen who was already pregnant by someone else.

Hey i agree i love young girls as well so hot . i love being with them i would buy her anything she wants .

I love to have sex or touch young girl! Coming in a girl who was a virgin is the best feeling ever!

Wow i lost my cherry when i was 8 and i don't regret it.

In the states, it is illegal to have sex with girls under 18!<br />
I disagree with such laws, but, not wanting to be in prison, I obey them!

sorry i never ment to sound like a iam very supportive of this topic