Married A Younger Man.

I read some of the stories posted here and thought ok let me tell my story.

I'm 39 yrs old and I have all my life dated and been with older men... Even in High school and College I was more attracted to my teachers than I was to men my own age... After my last divorce from a man only 3 yrs older than me, I met a younger man online he was 24 .... we talked alot on line and texted each other, but when it came time to meet in person I was scared to death.... He knew how old I was  I didn't lie about it, but still I was worried that he wouldn't find me attractive not with all the young sexy women out there... why would he find me attractive, I have had 3 kids, boobs aren't as firm anymore... curves have become more defined with age and being preganat....   so in fear of the rejection I was sure I going to receive from him we developed a sign.... If upon meeting for the first time,if  he didn't feel an attraction to me, then we would just stand around and talk for a few and then I would leave, If he felt an attraction he would invite me in.... So I arrived at his place and sat in the car for a few mintues perparing myself for this huge meeting... and he had been watching for me and came outside to meet me, walked around to the drivers side door and opened it for me to get out.... We stood there in his drive way talking for all of about 5 mins before he said so you want to come in?. Oh my god my heart skipped a beat... I said yea of course i do... we had exchanged pics throught out our conversations and to me he was so hot, and sexy and now his hot young sexy guy was asking to come in.... oh dear god... so We went into his place and sat and talked for what seemed like hours....  He asked me out for the next day...

The next day I showed up at his place and the plan was to go to dinner and a movie... but those plans got put on hold, when I drove up he was sitting outside and again came over and opened the car door for me, and pulled me out of the car and into his strong arms and i felt his hard body up against mine, he said "I really want to take you out, but seeing you here looking like this, I just need to kiss you and feel you, and be inside you."   I couldn't breath, we stumbled our way into his house and made love, ok  had wild crazy sex, in the living room, on the couch, on the floor on the coffee table, moved the action to the family room, and into the chair at the desk, we made it to the bed room, and the sex was so great, when he took me in his arms and we fell into the bed and i could feel every inch of him against me.... it was like heaven.... we had sex for hours... but the last few mintues when he slowed down and just rocked gently in and out of me and kissed me so deeply, his mouth just went so soft and his tounge exploring my mouth and the way he tasted,  it was the best "love making" i had ever felt in my life....   I didn't want to ever leave his bed.

Our relationship just took off and after a few weeks of dating he took me to meet his mother, and again I was scared to death... If my son brought home a woman close to my age I would have killed the *****, but his mother was so kind, and told me how much she really liked the changes she had seen in her son in the last few weeks and that her son had always prefered older women, she was very accepting of me...

A few months later we moved in together.. and about a year later we got married.... HIs entire family has been wonderful to me, my older children have had a bit of a problem with our age difference but they are coming around...

My attraction to older men is still there, But my attraction to younger men is unbelieveable... I love that younger men look at me, I love that my husband says he is married to a MILF.... I love that his friends think that I'm hot and even some of them have started dating older women... 

Younger women often give me a look of utter hate... Because my husband is very hot... and often we go out and younger women flirt with him right in front of me, but i get a huge satifaction when he says let me introduce you to my sexy wife. 

I love my younger husband.  I'm 39 and he is 26.

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I wish you many long years of happiness and good times. Always preferred older women too and love stories like this! Keep it going ;)

Congratulations! <br />
Sounds like you have found something amazing and I wish you two the best of luck!