I Encourage Single Women In Their 30s And 40s To Date Younger Men!

There are so many very beautiful young women who are in their 30s and 40s who are single and cant seem to find quality men their own age to date. It is so upsetting to see men( in their 30s and 40s) dating far younger females when their are plenty of awesome chicks their own age whom I feel would be better matches for them. We can not control who men choose to date but we can choose whom gets to date us!
Our choices: far older men ( 10 years plus older) BOO! or Younger men ( 5 to 10 years younger) YAY!!!!
Ladies do not be afraid to date a younger guy, they are awesome!!! My own husband is 3 years younger than me, but when I was dating I frequently dated males up to 10 years younger than I. The oldest guy I have ever dated was 2 years older than me. I am simply not attracted to older men. I find them threatening, and boring, and set in their ways. Younger guys tend to be open minded, fun loving, and simply awesome in bed! If a women is say 35 years of age I see no reason why she wouldn't agree to date a beautiful younger male of say 25 to 30. This is the age of male that is into older females ( because they know we love sex, and also because they appreciate a mature women!) These young males are very handsome, tend to be established career wise, and love sex! A male this age is far more mature then popular society gives them credit for.
Getting stuck with an older male may be ok at first, but give that same guy 10 to 20 years and now you have frequently a hot anh horny 45 year old women with an often aged and unhealthy senior citizen who requires a daily nap and has lost all interest in going out or having sex!
Another consideration is when a 35 year old female would like to have kids. It is far easier for a young stud to get the job done, than an older male, and since this lady may also have fertility issues, a younger male is better able to get the job done.
Older men tend to be set in their ways...they often seem to be old fashioned believing that they have a right to control a female. Younger males are far more open minded and cool with girl empowerment.
I simply adore younger men!
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so I read this and all could seem to gather from it is that: "Women crave amazing sex from fit, sexy men who take care of themselves?" I do concur! I love your honesty on the matter! Dont forget massages though! Ladies love the way i trace their body w/ my masculine touch....they just melt into a blissful state of goddessness that takes them to a higher consciousness!

Awe thanks 😊

great thoughts indeed :)

its a good idea....wishing you more fun in coming days....take care..

I like this! Of course, we can't always choose with whom we fall in love. But if you simply only date younger men, ...

Im 46 now and when I was younger I was all over mature women.. there's less mind games and they know their way around a bed... now I'm older as long as your older than 30 its fair game..don't want to teach someone how to *** or the art of a good *******... plus older women have less hangups

How are you? I like both older & younger women!! I love the Energy of a younger woman, I love the experience of older women.

where does leave us older good guys. last?

I dont feel sorry for myself.
good women my age are hard to find.

Thanks for sharing. You dont know me and I dont know you.Here is a little info. I was married for 25 years to an older woman until she passed away. So do know what a good woman is. I really dont think you know What Im talking about. Its pretty simple. ( self respect)

I am a 33 yo woman who has been contemplating a "FWB'' with a 23 yo man. I have never been involved with anyone younger than me and I guess my concern would be maturity level as far as him "talking' per say after the fact. Any thoughts?

I really think it depends on the guy and his maturity level.
You could try talking to him about your concerns and see what he says.
Fwb is so lonely, why not try a relationship?

Interesting, but as an older single man, I find that time is a significant issue. Since I have a weird schedlue, and women once they pass 30 also as you lable men, become set in their ways, often the only women I can find that are even open to talking are below 30. Not that I take them exceptionally serious, but it is better than talking to myself, (that get's old and weird quickly). So while you complain about older men, consider that women are also set in their ways and if you are sincere about looking for a relationship, it is a give and a take. And previous responsibilities and commitments often become blocks in creating meaningful relationships with older people in general. Because if we are to be truthful to our words, we must be "set" in our ways.
Sometimes, life is hard, and situations make it more difficult, so the individuals become harder to cope. Just something to consider.

Totally agree with you . I am also in a relationship with older women and that's what I always wanted . I respect my wife and always keep her happy .
I am not sure I am only one of few men who likes this concept or its among majority men however they end up in a marriage with much younger women going by the traditional society rules .
In any case I am happy to be in a relationship with a older women .

I do find myself more attracted to older women, but older women are far more intimidating. There's just something special to them.

Cougar! ;P

Hey there, don't generalize about older guys. I love the thrill of the chase and the joy of the catch and at 58, I am planning to sleep when I'm dead. No time to nap. Just don't force me to sit in front of a television and waste the night. DWTS can rapidly induce the need for a nap.

The great thing about getting older as a man is that all women look great. I try to understand the frustration a woman my age might have with my choices (me 48, wife 23) but try to understand me: when I was younger I dated plenty of older women and would have married and impregnated them given the chance. The best were feminine outside the bedroom and totally submissive to my overworked hormornal needs inside the bedroom. Unfortunately the relationships didnt stick and as I rounded 35 I made the choice to go opposite and get the youngest, freshest, prettiest women of legal age possible. It was a glorious decision that makes my life feel very fulfilled. I also dated women my own age but honestly they usually were into anyone other than me. So yes, cougar, set the mark and shoot ur arrow. I highly recommend the hunt. Just remember not to draw blood....the objective is love, not murder.

I have a lot of older women in the past even though I never actively sought them out. I'm 28 and I look older and all the older women that I've dated thought I was older and were very surprised to find out how much younger I really was.

When I was 16 (grade 12) I was dating a 19-year-old girl who was in her second year of university and that relationship lasted about three years.

From there I dated a lot of girls who were more in my age bracket until I was 22 and I dated this gorgeous 32-year-old women from Ecuador (which is odd because most Latin women date men who are 10-20 years older than they are). She looked a hell of a lot better than most girls in their 20s! Like I said she was gorgeous, smart, well educated, fun, great cook and amazing in bed. She never turned me down when I wanted sex. Anyway that relationship came to an end because she wanted to get married and have kids within the next couple years and I was only 22 at the time.

The next older woman I dated was 34 and I was 26 - same deal as the Ecuadorian woman and she was always down for sex. She NEVER turned me down. It was the same deal with the 36-year-old woman I dated after her.

I must say that sex with women who are in their 30s is a lot different than sex with girls in their 20s. I'm the exact opposite physically and mentally than most dudes in their 20s when it comes to sex. It takes me a while to get warmed up and really INTO it so that I can c-u-m. All girls in their 20s who I've been with were spent before I was even 25% of the way there in terms of my headspace and physically. The women in their 30s who I've been with could basically take it all day.

So yeah, older women are hot!

Ah, this explains the paucity of females prepared to date an older guy.
Please desist.

Great advice! as a younger man i appreciate this greatly :)

I think you nailed it.

100 % agree

Love your story, I'm glad you have an open mind about younger guys.
Isuckbigtits represents young guys horribly. Please excuse him, he still has lots to learn.

only problem (that I just learned recently) is, if you marry a younger person, and your marriage lasted for 10 years or more, you are able to collect on your spouses social security (which ever is higher yours or theirs )

but !!!!! when you go to collect your social security you have to wait till that person is social security age to collect on their name.

you can collect your own s/s... but you have to wait till your spouse is of age (62)

so when I become 62 I can collect on my own S/S but, if I want to collect on my x spouses S/S I have to wait till my 67 birthday, at that time he will turn 62.

"Date whom you want, but as woman become more focused on post secondary education and career, they are less likely to be interested in settling down in their 20s.
The fact is most 35 year old woman are not even remotely interested in men more than 10 years older."

It bothers me that the writer of these posts often makes basic spelling mistakes, such as writing "woman" when he or she means "women" and vice versa. For a woman to do that makes me wonder if the person is in fact a woman.

But putting that aside, if a woman doesn't "settle down" in her 20s, when WILL she settle down? In her 30s and 40s...? I assume the writer is in favor of women in their 40s having children and raising them..? It takes a lot of effort, a lot of energy, and a lot of time, to raise children. It is hard enough for 20-somethings to do it, I can only imagine what it is like for women in their 40s to give birth to children and raise them.

Also, I think the author is only concentrating on a very narrow demographic group when he or she writes "..as woman become more focused on post secondary education and career, they are less likely to be interested in settling down in their 20s.."--- she probably means upper and upper middle class white women. Also, I think she only means women in a small number of countries-- perhaps USA, England, Australia?

As someone who has dealt with women of all races and demographic groups, both in the USA and abroad, I can tell you that that generality does not hold. As a police officer, I dealt with women of all demographic groups, including people who live in the "projects", and I can tell you I lost track of the number of children born to "women" in their teens, not to mention 20s, who have no "secondary education", and one WISHES they would "settle down" at age 25 or even 20 and raise their children, rather than abandon them to the streets.

Again, I'm puzzled as to when the author believes women SHOULD settle down and have children?

I'm now an older man, but I appreciate your point. When I was in my early 20 to mid 20s, I would have liked nothing better than to have a girlfriend ten years older who knew what she wanted. And I would have been happy to marry her if she had wanted.

My first live. In relationship was with a lady 14 years my senior. I.was about 26 when I moved in with her. She was starved for affection and I gave.

That's awesome the world needs more women like you, preferably single though :D

Awesome story. When I was 24 I started having sex with my boss, then 39. It was some of the most amazing times I've ever had. I was heart broken when it was over! She dropped hints over the years that her husband hardly paid attention to her. One night a bunch of us were out for drinks after work and it boiled down to just me and her.. We were both a little loose and she was pining about her marital relationship again. I told her I thought she was lovely. Next thing I knew we were making out in the car. After that we were back at the office in the dark, ******* on the conference room floor. She taught me that it's still possible to have hot passionate satisfying sex even as we get to our late 30s and beyond, and even after we have children.

:). We are pretty awesome; I will admit...

"...great minds think alike about women not just being '3 holes' - having said that, any chance of me ******* u up the ***...???"

Not a chance in hell.
Be a good little boy and screw off.

6'2" is not little, u need my **** up ur *** or mouth for swearing like that, u naughty girl

Your reading comprehension skills are sorely lacking son. Go back and read my original response.

Jane high FIVE! ^

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I've dated a ******** who is 10 years older than me. She's 32 years old and still really pretty but the best thing is that she knows how to please a man. She really has mother-like characteristics that I enjoy she kissed my neck and body and really pampers me most young woman don't do that.

But we can break your heart , be careful :)

you may be wrong about the older men.

Im certain i am wrong about some.

Time for an audition

I love women who are slightly older than me. I dont know how beauties like you stayed single for so long :)

I love older women. They know what they want and how they want it. They are also more open and honest about what they want.

Good story and good point. :)

Good one .. I agree with you . If true love exists between partners then age doesn't matter .

I like your post, and I find my self in the situation where by am attracted to older woman especially those who are around 30 to 40 am 21 years old south african,any south african woman who is interested, she will never regret it I promise

Yup, your final analogy

"A woman should ideally be married to someone her own age, have regular sex with someone 10 to 15 years younger, and go out to cultural events and get oral sex from someone 10 to 15 years older...This would keep her fully satisfied at all levels!"

sounds about right :")

Good point


me too *blush* lol!

<p>&nbsp;<p>Getting stuck with an older male may be ok at first, but give that same guy 10 to 20 years.... and now you have, a hot an horny 45 year old women with an aged and unhealthy senior citizen .</p><p>gypsy>>>>yep its true!!! young women should stop and think about marrying older... im living that story right now</p><p></p>

I like your story,I have encourage all my friends and members of my family but nobody can accept and they think you are weird.but my idea is not for sexual encounters but to experience the difference in human sexual makeup.Only then does one can go beyond sex otherwise one get his sexuality suppressed and then goes into imagination.It can also turn into an addiction if one is not aware.Once you have all the experiences then settle with the one your heart is in tune.It will be a blessing and there will be no more running around for trills Thereafter the search is for higher life,the search for the beyond.Once that has been achieved your dependent on the other is no more.One is free and real love happens.Love without conditions.But it is difficult in our society where it teaches you morality when the society itself is immoral.Our is morality is not real.It not enough to explain about sexuality in this post.My idea is for a new man without any suppression.I am for freedom and love

sina yes it is more than sex.. i have found the young men like to get out and enjoy life, are more postive, still like to get out the house and see what life has to offer compared to men who are, say...50 plus ...

I would have to agree men past 60 seem spent................

As an older male, let me say that I don't need a daily nap, I like to go out a lot, dancing and rock concerts included, and I have a lot of interest in sex. However, I fully agree with you. Women in the 30s and 40s need lovers who can satisfy them sexually, and males in their 20s and 30s have more stamina, harder hard-ons, and a still inexhaustible supply of *****! Plus, to make babies, men should be under 40, ideally, just like women: genetic deficiencies increase considerably after 40. OK, I was in my early 40s when my current wife got pregnant...but if there was no problem with the first two kids, we had to make a difficult decision about the 3rd one, who was suffering from foetal assessment of a genetic defect. Not something any woman or any couple wants to face. This being said, an older man may be a little more interesting as far as life experience, interests, and overall outlook on life is concerned. A woman should ideally be married to someone her own age, have regular sex with someone 10 to 15 years younger, and go out to cultural events and get oral sex from someone 10 to 15 years older...This would keep her fully satisfied at all levels!

Not to forget as we are in 30’ 40’s we are at our sex peak while the younger they are we can match our peaks...I'm 42 was with a 20 year old and about to take the virginity of a 19 year old ;)

A lot of younger women do like to play games. That is annoying to say the least. Personally, I believe that very few females and males truly know themselves in their early twenties. You've hardly experienced life and all that it has to offer. In my opinion you should not be settling down at this age as you probably will have not developed your full range of tastes, acquired worldly knowledge, nor been exposed to other peoples cultures and lifestyles. All this makes for a well rounded individual who after experiencing "LIFE" will have a pretty decent idea of who he or she is.<br />
<br />
I think that young men are realising the value that older or perhaps more mature women possess and vice versa, older women now realise the value that younger men can add to a relationship. As women are becoming more and more liberated, the issue of dating a younger man is becoming less and less of a taboo and I think that's great. We should not be restricted to a relationship that does not fit our personalities or reflect our needs.<br />
<br />
I do however think that there are fewer younger men that are mature enough to make a relationship with an older woman work. It's more than possible, it's just hard finding the right one. But it's hard no matter what age group you are looking at. So I say, disregard age, if you are happiest with someone younger than yourself then go for it. Life is too short to worry about what people might say.<br />
<br />
Are you happy? YES? Good! That's all you need to know. :-)

This is silly. If two people are compatible and love one another, it can work. My boyfriend is a brilliant and gorgeous 29-year-old. I am 44. Not everyone wants to procreate. We have individual and shared interests that keep us intellectually stimulated. We have great sex. Alongside from the differences in age and experience, I have multiple sclerosis. The things we enjoy about each other are powerful and plentiful. It has worked beautifully for 3.5 years. <br />
Every couple has issues to bridge and understandings to develop. Culture, age, values, and ob<x>jectives may hold many differences, and these can change over time. I may not be with my boyfriend until I die, but we will always be friends. I will invite him to my parties and he will play music in the ba<x>sement with some other ex-boyfriends. And I will be glad I have known them all, young and old.

Nothing weird but would it be ok if i gave you my number? I am 19. male. And you seem like such an awesome, beautiful, and intelligent woman :) It would be fun to talk with you lol. haha

I am extremely flattered, but I'm married.

ok sorry about that. But if you need some comforting or anything just message me. Again I am sorry.

with few exceptions, most of the men i was involved with were younger, 5-9 years my junior. i've never really been into older men and the younger ones seemed to really be attracted to me although some could be a bit immature.

I don't think it works very well in practice... men and women are different.. Things that enhance and increase a woman's marriageability are not the same as the things that increase a man's marriageability.<br />
<br />
Women are more or less born ready (for marriage). Most men (leaving out brainwashed manginas), when asked, will say that all he wants is a woman who is attractive, likes sex, kind, nice, has domestic skills, good with kids. All she needs to become fully marriageable is to learn feminine skills (domestic skills for example). This can be accomplished while she is growing up. When I say this, i'm referring to what most men are looking for. Note that most men don't care about a woman's money or career.<br />
<br />
Men are definitely not ready.. they have to really work at it: men usually become marriageable when they're 25 or so. They need to become financially responsible, have a career, house, car etc. Until that time, most women will not consider him (and they shouldn't).<br />
<br />
This biological and natural fact ensures that older men will pair up with younger women.<br />
<br />
Here are the problems associated with older women pairing up with younger men:<br />
<br />
1. differences in maturity (for a relationship to work, the man really needs to be more mature than the woman). Relationship is more likely to be like a mother/son relationship.<br />
2. women's fertility is more of a problem than men's fertility, regardless of what you'd like to believe<br />
3. the man is more likely to leave an older woman for a younger woman. Women are much less likely to leave an older man for a younger one.<br />
4. the man doesn't get to enjoy your "best years" (18-30)<br />
5. older women have fewer childbearing options at the man's disposal<br />
6. marital stability is inversely proportional to the number of non-marital sex partners a woman has had. Older women will tend to have had more non-marital sex partners.

Please note that I am speaking of women in their 30s and 40s. These women are enjoying career success and are in the full swing of their sexual peak!
You speak of differences in maturity, but do note that when men are 25 or so that they are ready for marriage and commitment. I agree, and suggest that a 25 year old male and a 35 year old female be just fine.
You seem to feel that the male needs to be more mature than the female, why? I feel that as long as there maturity levels are level than it should work out just fine. You mention Mother/ son dynamic... I find the father/ daughter dynamic just as worrisome.
Your second point about fertility is nonsense, a female in her 30s is just as fertile, and more importantly far more ready to be a mother than her 20 something counterpart.
Your 3rd point is sad beyond words and I will be discussing with you WHAT WOMEN WANT as well so that you can see how you men may want the fantasy but get the reality.
The best years sweetie are 35 to 45 sex wise for a woman! For a woman 18 to 30 are years of self discovery and immaturity.
Your 6th point is shockingly sexist and only speaks for men. I am here to peak for women.

Females want....
A financially secure male
A handsome male
A independent and confident male
A male whom is handy
sense of humour and kindness

Women are acutely aware of their marriage value. A young female knows that she has many, many options. Most young females will not just marry any older male... he MUST have resources, he MUST be stable, he MUST have a stable source of income. Most younger females would NEVER marry an older male if he is struggling financially, or if he isn't stable. If he isn't sexy or suave he is going to have difficulty as well.
I was a very attractive woman in my 20s and I am telling you straight up that I thought 32 was ancient, and wouldnt consider dating a man that old if he didnt have money or a high paying profession.
I would also like to add that woman are attracted to attractive men....men with hair and a sexy body. Men tend to be sexier when they are younger just like their female counterparts.
Men in there 30s should date women there own age, most likely to find love that way. Unfortunately they tend to be obsessed with very young females, which forces women in their 30s and 40s to date young studs or older men. Both these groups of men appreciate and enjoy these sexy females. Both these groups of men are desirable but the older gents in my opinion must also have finacial resources to add if they are going to find success with these younger women.

Trouble is, as Ian Kerner says in his book "Be honest - you're not that into him either", he says: "it seems like so many of the good guys, at least the ones who look good on paper aren't nearly as impressed with your qualifications as you thought they might be"... What men actually want and what you think they *should* want are rarely the same. The fact is that if a man doesn't care about your qualifications or even if you have a job, it means that he's responsible and financially secure and more than capable of being a provider. It will make it easier for you to care for your children when the time comes. On the other hand, those that expect the woman to work don't have as good a "breadwinner ethic". Lori Gottlieb also wrote a book called "The two-income trap" ( http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2003/10/26/1067103264974.html ), ( http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/3079221/ns/today-money/t/why-middle-class-mothers-fathers-are-going-broke/#.TzEd1sUzAYQ )

As for libido, it is true that when women pair up with men 10 years younger, their libidos are more compatible. However I feel that sex is way overrated in our society. Anyway there's viagra, so a man can satisfy a woman no matter what his age.

I do agree that men aged 25 or so are possibly ready for marriage, but still, a 35 year old woman simply has less to offer him (assuming that most of a woman's assets are "innate" and "internal" rather than external for a man). According to all studies, women's fertility falls significantly after 30 ( http://www.epigee.org/images/infertilitygraph.gif ), this is a biological and medical fact. ( http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2011/11/17/barbara-kay-feminism-gets-the-last-laugh-on-fertility/ ). Also older women are not really more ready to care for children. In fact a woman who has not invested much in her education and career is more ready to devote time to her children (she's got nothing to lose by focusing on family). Whereas women who have invested more time in career and education are torn between work and family.

A darker side to delaying having children is that a woman of 35 can realistically expect to have 1 child. (studies show that more intelligent and therefore more educated women have fewer children) Therefore the genes responsible for making a man prefer older women will inevitably be bred out of the gene pool, because he will have fewer children. this is how evolution works. Another problem is that based on the above observation, it seems that there is in fact evolutionary pressure for women to be less intelligent (less intelligent women will outbreed more intelligent women).

divorce statistics show that 80% of divorces are initiated by women. Now this may have several causes, but I would hazard a guess that it's because the man wasn't being a good enough father or husband, which indicates lack of maturity. So this shows that generally men are less mature than women when it comes to relationships. And generally, older men are more mature than younger men. I'm not saying that the "mother/son" dynamic is wrong, i'm just saying that it may not be emotionally fulfilling or satisfying for you as a woman. The majority of women want a provider/protector, which is incompatible with the mother/son dynamic but is compatible with the father/daughter dynamic. But then there may be exceptions.

I can't speak for all men, but I would more appreciate a woman who gives her best years to me and our children. It's a pity that women these days squander their best years on people who obviously don't deserve it. It may be true that younger women are more immature, but I don't really see how a woman even needs to be "mature" to be in a relationship. Generally, if a man's nice to her and responsible and there is attraction, she will reciprocate no matter what her age or maturity. The thing most people discover during their period of "self discovery" is that there's really nothing much to "discover"... sometimes the simple things are often the best things. Basically most people just wind up coming back full circle.

My 6th point may be sexist (nature herself is the biggest sexist), but here are the facts: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_R-WhB9g9eYk/TJDSr8V_ShI/AAAAAAAAAOg/VmMGTymAVcI/s1600/teachman

Agreed, younger women are more picky, but I just think that it's very unfortunate that we even have a situation in society such that we're forced to choose between younger or older women. A big reason why more men aren't married is because women don't want to marry when young. Women are encouraged to be promiscuous and seek casual sex instead. You say that a relationship between a 25 year old man and a 35 year old woman is great (and i'm sure it is), but wouldn't it have been even *better* if that same woman was 18-20 with the same man? Are you seriously suggesting that that 25 year old man is happier with the 35 year old instead of the same woman at 20?

As to attractiveness, there was a study done which showed that marital stability declined with an increase in the man's attractiveness relative to the woman's. That is, marriages between attractive women and unattractive men were more stable than marriages between attractive women and attractive men. ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/vicki-larson/picking-the-wrong-mate_b_873044.html )

Re your last comment, studies show that careers peak at around age 40. So older men are definitely more financially secure.

Date whom you want, but as woman become more focused on post secondary education and career, they are less likely to be interested in settling down in their 20s.
The fact is most 35 year old woman are not even remotely interested in men more than 10 years older. There are wonderful men on both sides of the age spectrum. A 35 year old female would be happy with a male 25 to 45. It would be best if men would date females with the same age parameters in mind. I also feel women should be more sensitive to their sisters and refuse to date men much older so that older women have men to date.

You say that "women should be more sensitive to their sisters"; in effect, form a cartel.. I actually agree, but there are more constructive ways to do this and increase the happiness of BOTH the sexes. The main one is: Women should avoid premarital sex, education, and career and instead pick a nice guy who can be a good provider/protector/husband/father and marry when they're young, and raise their children with the same values.

This solves most of the problems we're seeing in society today. When women stop having premarital sex, men will have no choice but to pick a woman and marry her. When women stop having education and career, they will marry earlier and thus stop having meaningless casual sex with men. When men get easy access to casual sex, why should they get married? Also, when there are more single women refusing to marry, it actually leads to a situation where there is a *lack of available women*. This is because generally the top 20% of men will tend to monopolize 80% of the women (women want only high-status men). Thus the majority of men (80%) will tend to be lonely. Also, when there are fewer single men and single women around, married men and married women are less likely to lose their spouse to adultery.

Many of the problems between the sexes we have today is because women broke their unspoken agreement to not compete with each other (instead of competing against each other, they formed a union and collectively bargained with men). They broke their cartel, thus now women are competing against each other (against other women). There is no longer the truce between the sisters. Liberation has liberated women to compete against other women.

Your suggestion to form a cartel now is a bit like trying to close the barn door after the horse has run away. Instead of asking younger women to "date younger men", you should be telling them to get married. How would you feel if they asked you to date older men?

There are unfortunately other reasons why women in their 30s are unmarriageable. I am reading a book called "tempted women" by Carol Botwin. She identifies around 24 main risk factors that predict whether women cheat on their spouses:

1. There are single men available in the vicinity
2. Working wife
3. Working wife in a male profession
4. One of the parents cheated
5. Women who initiate sex
6. Liberated women
7. She knows someone who had an affair
8. Lives in a large city
9. Dominant women
10. Husband loves her more than she loves her husband.
11. Young women
12. Women in 30s and 40s have the most affairs of any other age group (perhaps due to greater sex drive)
13. Women who had premarital sexual experience (women who have had a lot of premarital sexual experience have a hard time adjusting to monogamy)
14. Women who are better educated than their husband
15. Transition or crisis point in woman's life.
16. Women who have moved to a new community
17. Parent has recently died
18. Wife and husband who spend more time apart (work, etc)
19. Women who are sexually deprived
20. Dissatisifed with the marriage.
21. Fantasies about having affairs (reading romance novels, watching soaps, etc)
22. No romance in the marriage
23. Threats to leave home
24. Wife has a special friendship with another man.

You can see that women in their 30s and 40s fit many of the above criteria.

I concur

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I dated younger men and men my own age. Maybe I was unlucky but as far as I could see they were all immature commitment phobes who broke my heart cause they were incapable of keeping their **** in their pants! Husband is 21 years older than me, much, much happier and so too way way better in bed :o)

I completely agree about younger guys being immature and not ready to settle down. I dated some real toads too ( and they were all right around my age or younger). There are some very fantastic younger men though, just as there are some very fabulous and sexy older men. It looks like you and I both lucked out!
Who is the most adorable santa baby in your pic? Is he your little guy? How old is he and what is his name? I have a little 3.5 month old girl we call Elizabeth.

Unfortunately in these modern times, both young men as well as young women are commitment phobes... it's a shame that young people have no guidance and are left to figure out things for themselves..

I think your advice to women in their 30's is very good.When i was in my20's I dated plenty of women in their 30's.I was a super hyper guy and had way too much energy.So an older guy like me ,40 still has plenty of stamina and if a guy stays in shape,stays active he can fulfill his sexual role for decade to come,but in general i agree with you about older men needing a nap,losing interest in sex and other fun things in life.My aim is to never be like that.<br />
So anyway I like how you think.Good for you and the advice you give.

Thank you and bless your heart. What most men don't understand is that women are in their sexual prime in their mid 30s and 40s so its all good, plus older women tend not to play the games younger girls do.

That is so true,older women know exactly what they want and they should go get it too.I think you will make a difference in younger womens lives too.Thank you for being so kind to me with your reply.

Love your post. So true! I am 34. I still look 25. I am very independant and VERY immature! xD I love to have fun and I reject the convemtional life style: buy a car, buy a house, have kids. I value my freedom too much. But as time goes, yes: what is left for me? I would have to date an older men to take a relationship seriously, but he'd have to be 40ish and by that time, men already have had kids or are divorced. And if I get a man, I want to be the centre of attention and his priority. Sorry to sound rough, but yes: me first, others kids: mmmmeeaaah!!!!!!!!!! So not for me. <br />
<br />
For the past 10 days, I have been meeting a 21 years old guy. And OMG he's HOT! He lives far from me but we spend 10 hours a day everyday on skype, and I am experiencing things I never thought I would! And you know what: It has made me the happiest I have been in years! I have a laugh, I feel wanted, and all this is fun and harmless. So why the hell not??? :D

I would like to add, that I mean no offense to all of the wonderful and sexy older men out there, I am simply writing what has worked for me and what I like. Love is love and should NOT be ba<x>sed on age alone.

Interesting that you write this, my own sister who is 6 years younger than I has a husband that is 6 years younger than her. Also my uncle got married to a wonderful lady who is 6 years older than he. So you never know where you will find that love...<br />
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Thanks for sharing....

I agree completely, but would not set a limit of 10 years, you never know