My Young Virgin

I am 47, divorced. A few months ago I joined a popular online dating site. I was overwhelmed at first but managed a few not so good dates. I cancelled my profile in order to process the info I now had about online dating. A few weeks later I was ready to try again.

I went down to my local bar to flirt with the young bartender and get him to take a few pictures of me for my online profile. There was a young man sitting a couple of stools down from me that took an interest in my project offering to take pictures too. We really hit it off and had so much fun. Eventually he was joined by an older friend but I was already smitten with this guy, so much so that I dragged him home with me. It was very unlike me but he was so cute, sweet and "what the hell" right? I was shocked that he was still there with me in the morning. Until recently we would see each other weekly. It's always fun, exciting and worked for both of us. He was 28 at the time and is the reason that I started viewing much younger men in a different way.

This time I joined several online dating sites and reduced the age of the men I was interested in meeting. I caught a lot of grief from the older men but this is my world right? Eventually I got an email I responded to without checking his profile too carefully. I knew 24 was definitely too young for me. My mantra "do not flirt with him, he's too young" only worked for a little while. I tried to introduce him to a younger friend of mine but they didn't connect.

I told him every detail of my life and all the things I thought might push him away. He stayed. I have been nearly crazy trying to get him to run away yet he stays. I've given up and finally we have a nice normal relationship. He's more mature than men my age. He's sensible, intellectual, kind and loving.  We have amazing conversations and truly enjoy being together. The more time we spent together the more I was attracted to him. It was extra difficult becasue he was also a virgin, which has recently changed.   We spent time together in other ways getting to know each other thru our conversations. I really enjoy making him dinner and talking while we eat. I introduced him to hiking and when it warms up we'll go camping and make beach trips.

I can't imagine what the future holds for this relationship but right now it works for us.

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good going :) he is a lucky guy

good going :) he is a lucky guy

Let me **** u im 22 😊

wow kool

We need more folks like you around :)))

I'd be delighted to lay my hands on a lady that's older than me =))

Thanks for sharing! :))