Your Lipstick Lips With Mine ... Bathing Magic!!! ~x

Water has a natural way of relaxing ...

We SPLASH Together AGAIN AND AGAIN ENDLESSLY Darling in Calming Bathtub MAGIC!!

Two WOMEN  Emotionally connected to Water. . . SATIABLY ENTHUSED WITH ONE ANOTHER... Romantically ENTWINED Forever!!!

Uhmmm for us Darling... Water has a sensuous arousing effect.



   Your Lipstick LIPS With Mine ... Bathing MACIC Darling!!! ~X   


Demigiozia Demigiozia
8 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Romantic<br />
FUN<br />
LOVE<br />
Tender<br />
Affectionate<br />
VIVID<br />
Alluring<br />
Tender<br />
<br />
<br />
and yes Darling Sissie... <br />
<br />
SWEET!!<br />
<br />

Such a sweet story Demi- I love it!

Makes me giggle too! hahahahaha

*raises eyebrows*<br />
Why Ham Geek... you are Very Striking yourself!!! :)

I love that avatar. It makes me chuckle too. After all what can be more cheeky then a Ham ham. LOL<br />
and the Geek... well that speaks for itself. I am glad it makes other giggle too, I try not to take myself too seriously. :) <br />
<br />
I like you avatar too. Very Striking image.

CheekyGeek YOU SO MAKE ME WANT to have that "HAM"stuh I have BEEN thinking of for so long...<br />
they are after all very BRIGHT... and FURRY CUTE!!! and Well You are an INSPIRATION!!!<br />
Truly!<br />
<br />
I look at your ADORABLE lil' face and just can't hold back the giggles, lol

aww that is so Lovely.