This One Italian Kid

"My male friend has such a delicious deep voice. I also love it when he talks to his dog in high sweet tones. He can also go really low and sing very well."

LMFAO. JK. I borrowed that story from someone who else who wrote a story under this experience xD

But really. Pete. His voice. It's so damn sexy. Like I might drown in my own puddle of drool. It's deep, but not tooooo deep. And it's very seductive sounding. Also the way he enunciates words is SO hot. He's got an east coast accent working for him. Someone get me a fan. His voice, it turns me on ;) Oohey. I can't believe I just admitted that. AND OMFG. His laugh. It's amazing, it makes ME giggle. I would PAY to hear his voice all day long. The thought of it makes me blush ;O Yes, i'm smitten. But damn. Who wouldn't wanna hear someone speak all sexily (is that a word??lol) If you ever have the opportunity to speak to Petey, you should. He's veryyyyyyyyy intriguing. I'd tap that xD Aww I'm actually kind of embarrassed, he's gonna think I am a creeper >.< Not gonna lie though, Whippy's voice is hawter than the old spice guy :P Really it is.

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LMFAO. That's because you DO sound like a white boiii xD ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like so white. But it's alright, white people can be kinda cool xD

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crap didn't mean to put caps on ...oh well to late

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A room mmmmmmmmmmmm indeed :P<br />
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I love you Kitty

i managed to sound creepy with just an extra space XD

wow, i meant roommmm not room mmm. lol

get a rooom mmm