Thank You

December 3rd, 10:10pm here...... december 4th, 2:40am there.....

We've just ended one of our best voicechats so far. My love has an exam tomorrow, one of the toughest and he needed to spent some time with me, so did I.

He came in the evening my time, in a good mood, smiling because of well-done previous exam, he talked to his friend... so  I let him talking but suddenly he wrote me "now I wanna talk to you" which doesnt happen so often, because his bro is always sleeping behind him.... but this night he didnt baby just wanted to talk. 

He was not able to concentrate on studies, it was unusual how talkative he was to me this night... i didn't say much at first.. I only listened to  the most wonderful voice.... to so sweet accent, I was hearing his breathing which has calming effects on me. It was like in a fairy tale... after some time he asked me to send him first chapters from Basic Slovak and teaching started.... He was excellent...  I was really very surprised how easily was my angel able to learn pronounciation. Really excellent...   for the first time I could teach him something... because he is that one whotteach me always... so i felt really well and he was excited and happy. :) When we finished 3chapters we were so relaxed that we could start our studies... I-maths and law, he-hardware. But still we were  listening to each other's voice...  murmuring the topics... silent murmur into our ears, like sweet song,  non-disturbing. 

I felt like I'm with my boyfriend, like he was sitting next to me, studying along with me...  like we were together. First time we were studying together. Together, with 4970km between us.

But the best of all...  1st time I heard his kiss....  I hope... no.. I know that one day I will feel his kiss in real.

I want to thank you, my darling, for this night you spent with me. I want to hug you, I want to kiss you, to fondle your hair. I want to give you so much love....  you feel it.

Thank you for all words which flew from your mouth, the nicest words.... each of them. Every word leaving your mouth, touching your lips is gracious.

Your voice is like a medicine to all illnesses, it can drive off worries.... 

I've never heard anything so precious like the voice of my angel.


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hehehehe... <br />
*calling youuuuu*


your smile is best. It's more than enough... there's no need of words :)