Luv Youtube

Love finding cover songs by youtubers, new bands, old faves or whatever
couple of my faves men at work overkill cover
acoustic quartet Quadriphonix who i discovered through youtube, doing tears for fears sowing the seeds of love
voidgazer voidgazer
3 Responses Jun 27, 2010

Thank you for sharing those video links with us. The Quadriphonix group has some rather inspiring lyrics and harmonizing melodies, especially when they played together in unison. <br />
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I'm not sure whether you all have heard of him, but one of my favorite musicians that I've found on You tube goes by the name of Kid Cudi, who happens to be a Hip Hop artist that does songs about the universe, pursuing your childhood dreams, and aliens. <br />
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Two of the songs that I've found recently were called Up Up and Away and In My Dreams. Here's are the video links if you are interested in hearing him. and

I love youtube as well. I've discovered many tunes and musicans that I ordinarily wouldn't have heard. For example, a Finnish band called Nightwish that plays symphonic metal music. They look pretty freaky, in long hair and dressed in goth style with a beautiful female lead singer. The idea is they are a metal rock band with a slight classical touch. I happen to love classical music ; yet as interesting as they are their are not really to my taste . I have also discovered many wonderful classical guitarist, which is valuable to me since I play classical guitar myself . Youtube has allowed me to explore more fully opera without having to spend a fortune on CD's. Youtube is great for those of us who seriously love music. .

That's all I ever do on youtube!!! I like to look up a song, and then lick the links that come up at the end and listen to the songs that come up and just keep doing that, half the time it's songs I've never heard of and I like them!