I'm Now Famous

I've been checking out and watching Youtube almost every night, well not every night. Before I get off the computer I check out what's new on Youtube I have'nt seen lately. Again it's not ervery night but when I have the chance. I bought myself a camcorder and a web cam less than a year ago. I am very untalkitive person as I am a one on one person, I can't be in a croud I'm always afraid I will say something off line or that's not worth saying. Some coworkers from work made me feel like a celebrity as when thay said I did a great job what I put on was at first I thought I was off line, But then looking and watching it myself made me feel more confident of myselfn not to worry what I look like as to get rid of that self concious. I'm now gettin ready for on smoking hazards as of the pracitcing first then when I'm ready I will have it downloaded on Youtube the next day. I feel in the comfort way now of not worrying what others think of what I say. I have already put on a show using potato heads. And typing almost anything there will be atleast something on the subject to watch. And the way I look at myself being on youtube I call myself my own celebrity.
Bowman44 Bowman44
46-50, M
May 11, 2012