SwiftKarateChop and the Nigahigas

Their hoping to get sponsored and stuff so I just wanted to attract more fans to their videos. If you'd like to check out Matt Swifty go to YouTube Ask Swifty or SwiftKarateChop.com, you can also find him on Myspace as Matt Brown. You can find the Nigahigas on Myspace but, you should go to YouTube How To Be A NInja. Well for anyone interested check them out hurry. Well I guess I should tell you about them.  SwiftkarateChop makes a number of videos but, my favorite would be Ask Swifty. Ask Swifty were you ask Matt a million bizzarre questions through email, he reads them and answers them on his videos. Ask Swifty is quite funny so hurry and check him out. The Nigahigas are three guys who get together and make random videos, that are also hillarious lol. They make random songs lol, they also had a show I've watched an episode about an ugly girl which was funny lol. They also have these how to videos, as in how to be a ninja, gangster, emo, ect. Well if this interessten you, you should check them out as soon as possible. Please comment. Thanx! xgurlx

xgurlx xgurlx
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1 Response Sep 2, 2008

awwww yeah! i like the Nigahigas... but i LOVE swiftkaratechop! really! he's soooo funny... and awesome! the first time i saw the "ask swifty" number one, i was laughing so hard, that i even cry a bit LOL :3 and his recent videos are cool too! i just saw the ask swifty 31!!! hes amazing :)