I really want to join YouTube when I have the money to start doing makeup tutorials or to even buy a camera to do videos & vlog . A little anxious to start. I will be sharing the account with my cousin. I hope the YouTube world is fun😆
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Do you have an account on YouTube yet or no?

I do but I don't put anything up. I just watch other people

The first step is know how to edit your videos!!!! Bad editining usually turns people off to the whole video!

2) make sure you look ur 100% best everytime you go to record! If you look the part of a beauty guru the easier you will become one!(:

3) make sure you have proper lighting, (litterally laps without the lampshades and umbrellas work just as good as reall photo lights ) and a fun backround (or wall of one color ) because then it will seem more "proper" and they'll keep watching!

4) dont be afraid to talk to the camera!! Just pretend like its your diary, then your content stays 100% you!
I wish you the best of luck! And i'll defenatley subscribe!(:

Thank you so much! You have made my day :)