Love It!!

I got the game from my sister, for my 3DS. It's fantastic!! I had played it a bit before on my friends N64 but I never actually played the game from beginning to end. I could see why she was so addicted and now I totally want to get a tattoo, the symbol on the back of my hand. It would be perfect!!

I like playing the master quest. As far as mini characters go, I really like the Octorok and the Tektite. I like the Zoras, I think they're really cool, especially with their long fins on their heads. Bosses..I think that Bongo Bongo is the coolest, especially because he's a challenge.

I love the music of it and I would really like to find out who made those melodies..I bet they made millions!! I totally love Gerudo Vally and Zora's Domain. Goron City is a very cute song..I love their chanting while the song plays..

Best thing about it is, you can play over and over again and not be bored. I'm on the Master Quest for the first time now and I think that it's absolutely amazing. I was expecting that everything was just mirrored and only that but it creates a greater challenge, so it's not so know?
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I'm very glad you enjoyed one of Nintendo's greatest prodigies. I fell head over heels for that game when I first played it and have beaten it over 100 times! I just recently got my girlfriend into it! We're going through a speed run as we speak!

I played this game on my old N64. Never has a video game I liked it but it pissed me off. =D

Yeah, it's ******* me off at the moment too. I'm on the master quest and I'm trying to beat the shadow temple. I can't find the 4th key to open up another door, again. I don't know what it is about that trap room but for some reason, the game likes to take you to the most unlikely place to find a key for that room, just to get into another.

Lol thats what Zelda games are all about. My favorite are the old school superNES Zelda games. You never had to jump up platforms and fall to your death 100 effin times!

have you played majora's mask?

I have once or twice. I don't really remember much of it because it was so long ago.

It reminds of Silent Hill. Yes, one of the creepiest monster. But I'm more scared and creeped out from the naked zombie bear hugging and raping Link going "nom nom nom" and hear link in pain everytime the zombie eats him. Their so powerful and take longer to kill if you don't have the light arrow or the big long sword. lol What I hate the most is that stupid hand the falls down to grab link's head and lifts him up to take him somewhere else in the shadow temple or forest temple if I can recall it. And also, I was never able to explore everything in the Fire temple. There is this small particular area I just couldn't visit.

The redeads are just creepy yes. I hate when they shriek just to get closer to you. If you play the sun song, it paralyzes them so that they're easier to defeat, that little thing comes in handy while playing the master quest. Idk..I never really found joy in having the Biggoron sword. It sucks cause you can't use your shield, which at times you kinda need. Do you mean the wall masters?? OMG they freak me out so bad!!! Like when I first started playing the game Navi said to watch out for monsters that hung on the ceiling and I was like "okay whatever, that's not even relevant to my information, Navi...." and then it made that creepy sound as it was attacking gahhh...Anyway. They take you to the beginning of the temple you're in, which is why it's really good to use Farore's wind whenever you get really far, then you can just warp to that point right away. Which area couldn't you visit and why?

Oh yeah I forgot about the sun song. Yeah, it doesn't fully shield you using the Biggoron sword. Damn, you sure know all these names. I totally forgot most of them. Yeah. That stupid Wall masters. lol Annoying. Anyways, I can't really describe the specific area inside the Fire temple. You know that area where you like stay on top instead of being on the ground most of the time because there are big rocks rolling around in a narrow path? Like if you stay on the ground the whole time, it's hard to find the right place you are looking for. If you want to get off ground to get back on top, you find this particular mini wall to climb back up. It's like a place where you can hop scotch every little platform you jump on when you're on top. Hope that sounds familiar to you.

I'm an N64 guy. Still the best Zelda game ever out of all of them. And your right about that, you never get bored of it. I still have my N64 and the game. Once every other year, I come back to play it. I'm seriously going to learn how to some zelda songs on my guitar. As for as getting a tattoo, I think it would be awesome to get a Triforce that stands for wisdom, power, and courage.

IKR?! That is why I want it!!! It's just awesome and the tattoo won't bother people when they see it either, which is another reason why I want it.

Do you think that Deadhand is the creepiest friggin thing you've ever seen?