I Am Zombie Obsessed!!!!!

I dont know what it is about the idea of the living dead, but i love zombie films to a degree beyond insanity! I havent seen Re-Animator yet but its on my must see list. I have seen Resident Evil, Resident Evil Apocalypse,Resident Evil Extinction, and i plan on seeing Resident Evil Afterlife later on this year. I have also seen Dawn of the Dead, Night of the living dead, Return of the livng dead I,II, and III, Day of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, Land of the Dead and more. I didnt realize how many more flicks there are out there until i researched it, so i still have a long way to go. I even read Zombie Fiction, Walter Greatshell is  a must read. I have also looked into possible scenarios online where there are actual situations where a zombie apocalypse could arise, under the right conditions, meaning the military conducting scientific research in order to develop a new kind of warfare, a zombie army. But some of my findings do seem feasible. Go to Cracked.com there's an article on it there that you might find interesting.
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You've got good taste, the "Living Dead" series of movies by George A Romero is probably my favourite movie series of all time. Another couple of movies you should add to your wish list (if you haven't already seen them) are "28 Days Later" and the sequel "28 Weeks Later". You won't be disappointed!