How About Zombie Books?

Have you READ "The Walking Dead" graphic novels? They're outstanding! I'm mean seriously amazing and the series, good as it was, just didn't quite measure up.

How about Zombie's in novels? "Patient Zero", by Jonathan Maberry is pretty fantastic -- a terrorist story about zombies!

How about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Graham-Smith? I actually haven't gotten to that one yet. I'm right in the middle of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter", but it's next on the list!!!
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Try Soft Apocalypse

*John Skipp(editor) sorry. LOL

I've read the Walking Dead series. Pretty good. Have you seen the show. Thats pretty close to the graphic novel. I've heard of World War Z. I heard good things about it. My husband for Christmas got me 3 Zombie books. one called Zombies by John Sipp(editor) and two others that contain a bunch of zombie stories. Some of them have nothing to do with zombies but other stories in there are good.

If you haven't you should read World War Z, one of the few zombie books I've read that I'd put above general awesome, fun pulp novels into being a really moving narrative...