Zombie Project Pt 2

  "What’s he doing?” someone asked. I reached for the pull string on the blinds and pulled it all the way up. Looking around I spotted the girl. She was getting into a tiny red car slamming the door shut. She looked terrified. There was also a man running towards the little car. He was running pretty fast and it didn’t look like he was going to stop in time before he hit the car. His body slammed into the tiny car and we watched it rock back and forth from the impact. The girl let out another scream.
              “Someone should help her.” someone said.
      “Yeah, come on Mark.” A guy smacked his buddy’s chest and they took off together. The man was pounding his fists on the passenger side window and it looked like the girl was fumbling with her keys. The glass shattered under the man’s fists and the girl screamed again. She pulled herself into the other seat trying to fight the man off while she was reaching for the door handle. She pulled it open and launched herself out the door. We could see the two guys that had just left come out the double doors on the first story. They shouted something and the girl changed her course towards them. The one that was supposed to be Mark pulled the girl behind himself and they looked like two jocks about to kick some nerd ***. The man was scrambling across the hood of the tiny car. He stumbled then lunged at the two guys.
              The girl screamed as the crazy guy grabbed hold of Mark. His face came down fast and hard on Mark’s neck and suddenly blood was gushing out all over the lawn. People gasped and I turned, running for the desk.
         “What’s going on over there?” the teacher asked. She stood up and put her hand on the special girls shoulder. The cholo was walking over to the window.
      “Jose, sit back down.” The teacher said.
    “Chupa mis huevos grande, puta.” He said. She sighed again. I knew that phrase but never heard it said to someone who wasn’t joking around. I ran around the desk and picked up the phone. I dialed 911 but got a busy signal. I frowned and tried again. Then I tried again and again. I looked over to the window.
       “Hey!” I shouted, “Can any of you get through to the police?” a couple of the students looked down at their phones frowning and some of them shook their heads.
         “I’m only getting busy signals.” One girl yelled back. I went back to the window to see what had happened and tried 911 again. The girl was running away off the lawn in the opposite direction of the library. The guy that was trying to save her was close behind her the crazy man was about to tackle him. Mark was lying on the lawn bleeding out all over the grass. The girl stopped dead in her tracks and screamed again.
            Farther ahead there were a couple more people running towards her. Running like their lives depended on it just like the crazy guy had. There seemed to be a lot of blood on them and they were moving pretty fast. The girl turned and started towards her car again. The guy slowed realizing the girl wasn’t with him anymore, and was in fact running the opposite direction from him. He yelled something but I couldn’t hear it through the windows. The crazy came close to him and he dodged his outstretched arms just barely, running after the girl. The crazy roared. It wasn’t a yell. It was so loud and filled with rage that there was no other name for it but roar. The girl jumped back into the red car and fumbled with the keys. The man was on the other side of the car in seconds and started climbing in through the window. The girl pulled out, tires squealing on the pavement with the man hanging out her passenger side window and a horde of crazies followed after them.              It was deadly silent in the library, our faces were pressed against the glass and we were all straining to see the little red car off in the distance. I stepped back first and turned toward the door. I tried calling the front office but I couldn’t get through to them either. It seemed no one could call any one.
 I grabbed my jacket off the counter and started to jog down the hallway. I took the stairs down two at a time.  Alex caught up to me just as I hit the door with my palm. He grabbed the door and held it shut.
          “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked. I frowned at him.
 “I’m going to help him.” I said  
 “Sam, look at him; there’s nothing you can do for the man, he’s already dead. Do you really think it’s a good idea to go out there?” he asked all serious.
      I glared at him and pushed him out of the way. I ran over to Mark and knelt down next to his head.  There was so much blood. I didn’t know what Mark looked like before but he defiantly didn’t look like a healthy jock anymore. I couldn’t hear him breathing. I was afraid to touch him. I had never touched someone else’s blood before and for some reason I was very nervous about it. I looked at the gaping wound on the left side of his neck. It looked like the crazy man had literally taken a bite out of his neck. It was like a mass of bloody red meat staring back at me. Mark’s eyes stared straight up into the blue sky unblinking. I gulped reaching over for the pulse on the other side of his neck. I pressed down on his slick skin but I couldn’t feel anything. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was doing it wrong or because he was dead. I looked at his face. It looked like he was sleeping with his eyes open.
         “Mark?” I asked. I shook him just to make sure he wasn’t sleeping. Nothing happened and so I felt for his pulse again. Nothing. I was about to turn back to Alex when I thought I saw him blink. I shook him harder and felt for his pulse again. I pulled my jacket off and pressed it against his wound. “Alex, come help me!” I shouted. 
      “Sam.” I heard Alex yell from the door way. I looked back at Alex. He had a look of sheer terror on his face. I turned me to see what it was that had him so scared. More people were coming towards us. Running at us like the crazy man. They still had two foot ball field’s distance to cover before they got to us. But they were running like they had nothing else to live for.
“****.” I looked down at Mark. He was still staring at the sky but this time I defiantly saw him blink.  Something wasn’t right about it though. His eyes were all glossy and his breath began rasping in and out. I felt for his pulse again. I still couldn’t find it. Then he lunged at me. He grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me down into his lap.
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