Zp Pt 5

I tried calling for help a couple more times and gave up going to sit on the couch. The three fondling students were making me want to barf so I watched the special girl. She was sitting by the window by herself with some children’s books. I wonder what her parents are doing right now. If they weren’t dead already I wonder if they were trying to get to her. Suddenly she yelled something and threw the book across the room. For that matter maybe her parents were grateful she was here. She picked up another book and laughed at it holding it up to the lights.
I had a feeling she was going to make things a lot harder for us. Not that she was going to do it on purpose. But if what we saw outside was just a small preview of things to come I wasn’t sure I wanted to be responsible for anyone other than myself.
“Hey.” Alex said as he sat down next to me. I glanced at him then back at the girl and took a deep breath.
“When do you think we should start looking for food?” he asked. I ignored him and watched the girl throw more books across the room. She started banging on the windows and screaming it was making me nervous. The teacher was at the computer and she glanced over at the girl but didn’t say anything. I got up and quickly went over to the girl. If she kept doing this the zombies were going to find out where we were and we would never be able to get out of here. I put my hands on her shoulders and she pushed me off screaming.
“Shh.” I tried to quiet her “Quiet.” I said. Alex came over and started to shush her too. She flung her body back on the carpet and kicked her legs. One of her feet caught me across the jaw and I fell back. Alex was saying things too fast for me to hear him over her screaming but she calmed down visibly and I was grateful I couldn’t hear any banging on the library doors. Julie walked over to the girl and said “Well Maggie is it time for a nap?” Julie walked over to the couch and grabbed one of the pillows.
“No.” pleaded Maggie. Alex reached out and helped me off the floor. Julie placed the pillow on the ground and put her back up against the window.
“Yes. Come on I’ll read to you.” She said. The girl immediately agreed and lay her head down on the pillow looking up at Julie. Julie scooted closer to her and opened up one of the books lying in the pile next to them.
“You should probably go look at that.” Alex said to me.
“Huh?” He pointed to my jaw and I reached up to touch it. I winced. It hurt to touch it. I went to the bathroom and ran a paper towel under the cold faucet. Looking at myself in the mirror I could see I looked scared. My eyes were a little too wide and my completion a little too white. Through the door it sounded like the girl had started crying. I felt like I needed to get out of this place. It felt kind of like grade school when you find out someone has lice and you just want to get as far away from them as possible. Only it wasn’t little bugs I had to worry about this time.
Sure it wasn’t Julie’s responsibility to care for the girl but she had to have some kind of experience in keeping her under control.
My mouth was suddenly dry as I realized the situation we were in. I started to breath too fast and sat down on the toilet. This couldn’t be happening. Zombies? Really? I mean come on, what kind of sick joke was this? Zombies? Someone was shaking me and I looked up.
“Sam, take a deep breath.” it was Alex. “You’re going to hyperventilate.” I nodded and tried to slow my breathing. He knelt down in front of me and looked up at me. I shook my head staring into space.
“This can’t be happening.” I mumbled.
“Here, drink this.” He handed me a paper cup of water. I took a sip.
“Is Julie even qualified for her own job?” I asked him. He scoffed and looked back to see if anyone was listening.
“No, she just got hired on because her uncle is the Dean.” I rolled my eyes.
“Does she even know how to work with Maggie?” I asked.
“Not from what I can tell.” He answered.
“This is so ****** up.”
“I second that.”
“We need to do something. Because so help me to whatever god is listening, I am not going to die in here because of some loud *** retard. No offense.” I said taking another drink. Alex looked up at me again, “None taken. I was thinking the same thing.”
Alex stood up and quietly closed the door.
“Okay so here is what I was thinking.” He whispered.
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Aug 3, 2010