Zombie Project Pt 7

           “Whoa. Okay, uhmm, everyone just calm down.” I said stepping around the couch. Jose never looked away from Julie. She gave me worried glances and looked like she was about to cry. “I’m sure she didn’t mean it Jose.”  I said trying to get him to calm down.
“Yeah right, this ***** has been at my throat since she got this **** job handed to her on a silver platter.”
“I’m sure that’s true.” I said and Julie gave me a worried glance, “It is not.” Jose thunked her on top of the head with the barrel of the gun.
“Quiet *****.” He said.
              “Okay. Uh, what if she apologized? Would that make it better?” I asked. Jose grinned, “Yeah apologize and I might think about not killing you.” The room was quiet except for Maggie’s little snores.
“I’m sorry.” Julie whispered. 
“What? I can’t hear you.” Jose said.
            “I said,” she was almost yelling and you could hear the shakiness in her voice, “I’m sorry.” A tear rolled down her cheek and she squeezed her eyes shut. Jose laughed and tapped her cheek with the gun.
“Yeeeah, that’s what I’m talking about.” he said and he turned and went back to the couch. I looked to Alex and he shrugged.
“Are you alright?” I asked Julie. She opened her eyes and glared at me then turned and went to sit between the book cases on the other side of the room.
              Alex sat down on the coffee table in front of Jose. The blonde girls were sitting in the corner of the couch as far away from Jose as they could get without him noticing. I checked to make sure Julie was far enough away from us and sat down next to Jose as Alex.
            “Were you really going to shoot her?” I asked.
Jose chuckled and said, “No, I just wanted to scare the *****. She’s always treated me like I’m stupid.” I took a deep breath. I didn’t know Jose but I believed Julie had always treated him badly. He laughed at the expression on my face.
“Look.” He said looking in Julie’s direction. He opened the gun’s chamber and said, “It’s empty.” We looked at the empty gun and the tension in the room noticeably went down. The girls crawled closer to the three of us trying to get a better look.
“Ok here’s the deal.” Alex told them the plan and everyone seemed to agree not to tell Julie about it until it was time to leave for good. I found out the buxom blondes names were actually both Brittany.
              “I’m Brittani with an “I”.” one of them said laughing,
     “And I’m Brittany with a “Y”.” said the other one. Jose was laughing with them too. I had a feeling it wasn’t because he thought it was cute both of these girls had found each other out of all the people in this town and decided they should be best friends because they had the same name. Alex seemingly had no emotion about the two and I just nodded not knowing what to say to them. I looked to Jose and asked, “Do you have any bullets for that thing?” he nodded and said, “In my bag.”
“Just out of curiosity, why are you carrying a gun around campus?” I asked
He shook his head, “You never know when you need it.” that’s all he said and I didn’t feel like pushing for a different answer.
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Aug 13, 2010