Zombie Project Pt 28

“Go, go, go, go.” I said. Ann sprung into action and ran after Alex dragging Maggie behind her. The Brittany’s went next followed by Julie with Jose and I close on her heels. They really weren’t zombie killing shoes and I was glad I had chosen Converse over glamorous when I was getting dressed that morning. I heard the vans engine rev to life and was so glad Alex was right about it. Julie was running to slow, probably getting blisters too and I was getting frustrated. Ahead of us Brittani had fallen and was trying to climb to her feet but it looked like she was drunk.
“Faster.” I said looking behind us. Jose took off in front of Julie. Ann yanked open the van door and she pushed Maggie in climbing in after her. I looked behind me again and was glad I did. A zombie was reaching for me. Its mouth oozed bloody saliva and it gnashed its jaws together. I swung out and hit it on the side of the head. It stumbled to the ground and Julie let out a shriek. I turned to look at her and found her stopped dead in her tracks a zombie was headed right for her. I ran forward clothes lining the zombie with the table leg.
“Get in the god damn van.” I yelled at her as the zombie grabbed at me from the ground. I kicked the thing off me and before I could head towards the van I had to save Julie again. What was she doing? Calling all the damn zombies to her?
“Dear lord.” I muttered. Jose was helping Brittani to the van and saw the zombie heading for Julie. He let go of Brittani and headed for the zombie. I watched the zombie grab hold of Julie’s hair and was just about to take a bite of her neck when Jose bashed its head in. Julie shrieked again and I watched the front of her pants soak with ****. Jose was going to have a laugh about that later. If I made it out of this I might also. I took off towards them and helped with the ever growing horde of zombies in the vicinity.
“Hurry!” I could hear the girls yelling from the van. Julie ran past a limping Brittani and climbed into the van. Two zombies were coming at Jose fast and I swung at the back of one of their heads. It exploded in the air, its body slumped to the ground. I was close enough to the door and I stood outside of it prepared to beat off any zombies trying to hitch a ride. Jose wrapped Brittani’s arm around his neck and tried to carry her to the van. She limped along side him; she must have sprained her ankle when she fell. They were just outside the door and I climbed inside. I grabbed for Brittani’s arm and a zombie came out of nowhere and took a chunk off her forearm. Her high pitched scream filled the van and the creature began to pull her down to the ground, gnawing at her skin. Jose pulled at her other arm and I kicked at the things head. I swung my table leg down on its skull and it dented, the bone cracking under the pressure. I swung again and it let go of Brittani. Jose was helping her to her feet she was crying now.
“Jose behind you!” I yelled. Six or seven zombies were headed straight for the van and there was no way we were going to be able to keep them off us. “Come on people!” Alex shouted revving the engine. Ann screamed and pointed at more of them coming from the other direction. They were getting closer.
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Ok I am officially in love you. Gay as I am. Converses? That made my entire month. All I have is chucks. Nine pairs but still. And now I know that if I wear con's I will basically be the biggest zombie killing bad *** ever. Like I needed a reason.