Zombie Project Pt 30

After a couple of minutes of listening to Brittany cry she curled up in the corner of the van and lay her head on one of the back packs. She didn’t make a sound for the next couple of hours. We offered her drinks but she politely batted away our attempts at comfort. I think she was sleeping now but I couldn’t tell.
“What’s that smell?” Alex said. I scoffed, “Do you mean the decomposing flesh? Oh that’s the zombies.”
“No.” Alex took a deep breath through his nose. “No, it’s more like…pi.ss.” He said grinning. I glance at Julie and saw her roll her eyes. Jose laughed and pointed at her and I even saw Ann crack a smile. I didn’t find the fact that the woman couldn’t control her bladder in a life or death circumstance very funny.
“It’s ok.” Maggie patted Julie shoulder. “Momma says it’s ok to be a baby sometimes but not to make it a regular habit.” The boys laughed at that comment. I tried to keep a straight face but I wasn’t going to stick up for her, I was still mad at her for almost ruining our chances at getting out of the library. Julie crossed her arms and glared at the van wall.
“Where exactly are we going?” Julie asked. No one answered; I thought at least Alex would have, he seemed so excited about it.
“Some bunker across the country.” I told her.
“Why?” I looked at her.
“What do you mean why? Isn’t it obvious? Julie, how exactly did you get your job as this Special Ed teacher?” I asked I tried to say it without much sarcasm because I really wanted to know. I couldn’t understand how someone so callous and uncaring could get a position teaching impaired children. She frowned at me but didn’t answer.
“Stop arguing.” Brittany said from the corner. I looked at her and forgot what I was about to say to Julie. I was suddenly sad for all the people lost during this whole thing. How many more people were we going to lose before it was over? Ann pulled her iPod out and plugged herself in. She turned the volume up all the way and we could hear it in the back of the van. That couldn’t be good for her ears.
The sun set and Ann was still listening to her music. Jose had traded spots with Brittany and she had fallen asleep again with her head on his stomach. Maggie was counting the food we had in the back packs and then stacking them in neat little piles. Julie was watching her with little interest. I found myself singing along to Ann’s loud *** music while seeing if I could remember the keys on the piano for each song. Nobody told me to shut up so I continued. Maggie would chime in every once in awhile and I was surprised. Ann listened to a wide variety of music and Maggie knew most of the words to all of the songs if not the melodies. She would hum along if she didn’t know the words and help me through if I forgot the words myself. It was kind of fun. Until of course Alex said, “Guys be on the lookout for gas stations.”
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Gas guzzlers ruin the planet. Karma's a *****. Still a van's nice anytime. Could Julie be a secret government agent sent to spy on the effects of releasing the z-virus. All for conspiracy theories and she is suspiciously out of place. I love sarcasm. Please write more soon.