Brains Devoured, Blood Ravenously Consumed At Zombiecon'11

A quick overview and snapshot: The world's largest (so says the Guinness Book of Records) assembly of zombies (early count: 10,000) was held in downtown Fort Myers where every demon, vampire, walking undead, tooth fairy-from-hell, ghoul, serial killer and bad dream assembled and prowled. Started at six in the quaint, brick-lined streets but spilled over to the waterfront park where bloodlust (and lust) continued 'till four am. Loud music, Bloodweiser trucks, dancing, sanctioned and encouraged debauchery were the main activities but there was time for blood donation and food collection. The main fun was walking the streets and looking at each other.

                 One blue eye and the other . . . .

                   When back scratchers go terribly bad.

                                  The sensitive male

                               You should see her nails!

         Taking tongue-in-cheek a bit too seriously

                    Yet another orifice

       Happens to some when they think too hard.

            Someone's blind date. Well, half blind.

   Yup, from the Stephen King novel.

      "I have your menu, m'aam. Right here in my chest."

              True. Lovers do feast on one anther.

   Zombies get downright ugly when whipped into a dance frenzy.

        My girlfriends were quick to lend a hand.

                My bloody assistants

                                     Sweats blood for me

         Hard Day's Night:  Leaving at 3:30 a.m. (rear view)

HootieBootieInLuv HootieBootieInLuv 26-30, F 14 Responses Oct 16, 2011

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I'd fit right in, and I wouldn't have to wear a costume!

ZombieFest '13: Oct. 20-21 in Ft. Myers. It's the only time during the year that ignoring brushing your teeth for so long actually pays off.

Ahhh, I can imagine a hoard of people with bad breath....

Oh, that's just awesome. Wish I could have been there. I gotta do some business traveling in places like that! Those are the kind of events that adults can be kids again. That's why I LOVE Halloween. Did you get all dressed up?


When and where is the next zombie con!?! I've been working like a dog lately...and I need to plan and escape. Last year I was in Pitt for a trial and they had Anthro Con there...furry people...all was wild watching these folks walk the street. Doing somethingl like this again...zombie style sounds like fun!

Ahahahaha...what ghoulish fun! I love zombies, but in a real zombie apocalypse I would be a fierce zombie assassin...I'm just saying...

Great shots! Looks like a great time!! Love the effort all seem to have put in!!

love the zombies!!!

Awsome. Guess we need to do something like that in va beach lol

Nothing like some ghoulish delights!! Thanks for sharing Katie!!

Great pics. Thanks for sharing. 10000 is a lot.

Looks like you had a bloody good time, some great makeup and costumes

Bloody great pics Kathryn!! Did anyone get special recognition for donating a body part? <br />
I see these were all taken with the right "exposure!"

Oh, how fun! I love that kind of thing.

Ha! Brilliant - I wish I could've been there! =)

Looks like you had a lot of fun :).