Being Scared

I love "zombies" because I like being scared and although the concept
of zombies is a far-fetched one, somewhere in the dark recesses of my
mind a "zombie apocalypse" could happen.

Supposedly, most people like being scared at the movies. My enjoyment of fear
comes from being told southern ghost stories by my mother when I was a kid,
then being told..."now, go to bed!" I thought she was insane. Her stories were
totally believable and very frightening.

Then my dad who was and still is a preacher was always talking about
death and dying and how nobody knows where death is, which naturally
made me curious about death and dying-which naturally made me want to
learn more about it. We certainly cannot understand death once we're dead.
I suppose at the point we meet death it won't really matter- nothing will.

I think it's the culture we live in that causes us to shun death and act as if
it can't happen to us. But it's true what is said "every time we walk out
our door, there's a 1000 ways to die."
bbb518 bbb518
51-55, F
Nov 14, 2011