The Walking Dead

i keep having these dreams still till this day . i had this dream where my hubby and i were walking back from price chopper and my friend yells at me you better get up stairs now! theirs lots of dead people walking around and i dont no where they came from. well as we were starting to walk up stairs we see this white man he had on tan pants with a white T shirt he starts walking and dragging his legs so we walked up stairs as fast as we could with bags of food in our hands. and as we got to the 3 floor of our apartment me hubby tries to open the door he was kinda slow so i snatched the keys out of his hands and opened the door and i dragged him in very quickly. as soon as i closed the door the dead man was running up the stairs after us.. then as it got dark it was storming so my friend called me and i asked her what the heck was going on why were their so many dead people walking around she said that it had something to do with the power plant from the military and how it got to the people we did not no. so as we put our food away we turned on the radio and this women was saying something about the dead walking among us and that we should keep all windows and doors locked. thank goodness we lived on the 3rd floor cuz they coudnt get in our windows the were facing the other way and no one could jump or climb in. these dead people tried to brake down our door but they failed cuz the door was metal and it had 2 dead bolt locks and a normal lock. the door was strong and it would not let anyone one in. so my hubby and i were scared and looking at each other with no words. as we looked down from our deck we could see the dead people attack the other people that lived in the apartment complex they were eating their brains and their necks and killing them. the only ones that were safe was people like us who loved on the 3rd floor who didnt have a window by their front door...their was no tvs so we only had radios.. now u tell me if thats a creepy dream or not...
kixx57 kixx57
31-35, F
May 6, 2012