Zombie Story Part 1

It seemed like a normal day before I found out that there was a zombie outbreak. A strange virus infected anyone unfortunate enough to either be bitten by another infected or exposed to the virus' source. I woke up and got ready for the day. I made sure I was quiet so I would not wake up my 5 year old son, Arthur, or my wife, Sarah, who was pregnant with our second child. I went out to get the morning paper after I made breakfast for my family. When I looked up, I saw sickly looking person stumbling towards me. I ask, "Are you ok?"
He looks at me and whispers "help...... me......."
I couldn't just leave him there; the man clearly needed help so I took him inside and sat him on the couch while I went to call an ambulance. As I was on the phone Sarah and Arthur came downstairs and started to eat the breakfast I made for them. While Sarah ate I told her about the ill man on our couch. She was concerned about the man and went to check on him. A few minutes later, I hear a scream from the living room.
I sprinted to the living room as fast as I could just in time to the sight of Sarah holding the infected man back. I ran up to the man and pushed him away just in time because he was just about to bite her arm. As I hold the man down, Arthur walks into the living room and says, "Mommy, what is going on?"
She ushers him out of the room and told him to stay in his room. He hesitantly agrees and walks off to his room. Sarah comes back and starts to examine the infected man. I start to look the man over too. His eyes have turned red and he seems to be speaking in some language I have never heard before. Me and Sarah exchange looks and I tell her to go look outside. When she looks out the front window, she whispered, "this isn't good at all and there are so many of them."
She returned, but she didn't say anything so I asked, "zombies?" She admitted that she say quite a lot of zombies. I told Sarah to go pack some food, clothes, and get Arthur ready because we have to leave the house as soon as possible. After she left I got off of the infected man and I backed up and grabbed the nearby lamp. The man got up and ran at me. When he got close enough to me, I swung the lamp and hit him right in the side of the head. He fell to the ground and I continued to beat him in the face with the lamp until he stopped squirming.
I quickly cut the dead man into pieces and made sure he was dead. Sarah came back into the living room with a bag full of nonperishable foods and a duffel bag full of clothes. She set the bags down and went to get Arthur from his room. They came back a short while after and I had amassed a small bundle of weapons. The weapons included a baseball bat, a crowbar, a sledgehammer, a wrench, a metal pipe, and a chainsaw. “Sarah, keep an eye on Arthur because I have a feeling that we will have to run soon. Go to the Morning Star Inn, it is only a couple blocks away if we ever get separated,” I say.
Sarah replies, “No! I am not leaving you! I may be pregnant, but I can still fight!”
I just smile and walk closer to her. I kiss her and say quietly, “I know that you want to fight along with me, but we have Arthur to take care of and another child on the way. I am the most qualified person to fight. I would always blame myself if Arthur, the baby, or you ever got hurt. So please just listen to me.”
Her eyes started to water as she looked into my eyes. Then just before she started to cry, there was a pounding coming from the front window. I turn my head quickly around just in time to see two zombies break through the window. I turn to Sarah and say, “Run my love! Take Arthur and run to the Morning Star Inn! I will be there as soon as possible.”
I kiss her and I grab the crowbar to fight with. I did not get to see Sarah and Arthur leave due to the fact that I was fighting off the zombies that kept climbing through the window. I fought for what seemed like hours. As I killed the last zombie, I realized that I was covered in blood and that there was a pile of zombie bodies in my living room. I examined myself for any bite marks and was happy when I did not find any. I did not want to wait around any longer than need be. I quickly grabbed my bag of weapons and darted for the back door.
When I arrived at the back door, I saw that there were no zombies in the backyard. I quickly walked outside and past the swing set that I had pushed Arthur on less than a day ago. “Arthur! I hope they are ok,” I thought to myself. I quickened my pace to get to the Morning Star Inn. I reached the back fence and saw that the gate was left open. I figured that it was probably Sarah and Arthur who did not close it.
I walked down the small alley and arrived on the street next to ours. I looked up and down the street. I saw a car on fire and zombies swarming a man who was trapped and helpless on a porch of a house. I walked behind the zombies and started to fight my way to the porch. I quickly eliminated the zombies. When I went to check on the man and realized it was my long time friend, Brennan. We greeted each other and exchanged information on how our lives have been the past two years. Brennan told me where he was going and what he was trying to do. He was attempting to find his wife, Brittany, and their four year old daughter, Elizabeth. “They left this morning to go visit Brittany’s parent’s house,” he told me.
I told him I was heading towards the Morning Star Inn to find Sarah and Arthur. He agreed to help me if I helped him find Brittany. We started walking down the street to find our loved ones. As we walked, we encountered minor resistance from the living dead and quickly made our way through the alleys of the city. In about half an hour, we arrive at the Morning Star Inn. I take a look around and see chaos and destruction everywhere. All I thought about was Sarah and Arthur. If I lost them now I surely would not live long in this apocalypse. I glanced to my left and saw a man trying to open his car door, but a zombie toppled him over and bit him. I knew I should help the man, but I knew that he would only turn into a zombie as well.
“Let’s go to the main desk and see if there are any traces of Sarah there,” I say to Brennan. He agrees with me and we start to walk towards the front desk. I jumped over the counter and looked at the guest list. I did not see Sarah’s name on the list and told Brennan to go to the elevator and wait for me.
I hacked into the Inn’s security cameras and saw Sarah on camera 3. I looked at where the camera was located. I found out that camera 3 was on the top floor and in the right wing. I hurried to the elevator and told Brennan about my find. He pressed the button for the top floor as I got my crowbar ready to fight with. The elevator slowly closed the doors and quietly ascended the elevator shaft. The wait seemed to be an eternity as I anxiously awaited the elevators arrival to my destination.
The elevator finally arrived on the top floor and we were immediately greeted by a small group of zombies which we quickly dispatched. I hurried to the room that I saw Sarah go into on the camera. I knocked on the door and she hesitantly opened the door for us. She saw who I was and immediately hugged me. She then gave Brennan a hug and asked how his life was since we had not seen either Brennan or Brittany in over two years.
She ushered us into the room and quickly closed and locked the door. We spent the next hour or two discussing what had happened and Sarah agreed to help us find Brittany and Elizabeth. I quickly objected to Sarah coming with us. “Your eight months pregnant and you are in no shape to fight, I do not want to take the risk in either you or Arthur getting hurt or bitten,” I said.
Sarah just turned to me with fire in her eyes and said, "I am not made of glass, I am just having a baby and I can take care of myself!"
I was shocked and fell backwards onto the bed. I could not argue with her because once she has her mind set on something there was no way of stopping her. I said, “But Sarah you have to think of the baby. I just don’t want you to hurt or strain yourself and hurting the baby.”
She replies, “I won’t hurt myself! I am fine even with this belly,” she rubs her belly in emphasis, “You are my husband and I will stick by you always! I will not leave you even if I am pregnant!”
I sigh and reply, “I’m sure there is no way I will be able to convince you otherwise so I guess you can come with us, but you will have to keep an eye on Arthur ok?”
She agrees with me and then Arthur hides behind Sarah’s left leg and slowly slides his head out to look at us from behind Sarah. I smile at him and think, “Arthur is so shy. He barely talks to me or anybody else. He really only talks to Sarah and I don’t know why.” I am snapped out of my train of thought by a pounding on the door. I grab my crowbar that is nearby and tell Sarah to move back. I slowly start to creep up to the door.
As I near the door, the door is forced open by zombies. The force of the door knocks me down in surprise and shock. The crowbar I had been holding was slid across the room when I was knocked down. The zombies noticed me and started to walk towards me. I thought that this was the end of me, but all of a sudden I feel something splatter on me. I opened my eyes and looked up to see Sarah fighting the zombies with my crowbar. Everything seemed to go in slow-motion as I watched Sarah killing zombies with the crowbar. She looked very beautiful as I watched her.
After she killed all the zombies, she moved out of the way so I could stand up. As I stood up, I had to steady myself on Sarah because I received a headache from the shock. She led me over to the bed and sat me down. I tried to stand, but Sarah pushed me back down onto the bed and said, “No! You are going to rest right now. You have done enough for today.”
She starts to examine the gash on my right arm. She tells Brennan to watch the remains of the door. She tends to the wound and finally says, "That's all I can do for now since we have limited supplies."
She helps me to my feet and then she grabs Arthur and holds him. I grab my bag of weapons and start heading towards the door. As I approach Brennan, I toss him the baseball bat and I hand the wrench to Sarah who is holding Arthur in her other arm. We head out of the Inn and into the streets. We start heading north which is the direction of Brittany's parent's house according to Brennan. We slowly started making our way across the city. We stopped every fifteen minutes so Sarah could sit down and rest.
It took us several hours to find house of Brittany's parents. When we arrived, the front door opened and Elizabeth ran out and hugged Brennan around the waist. He smiled and hugged her back as Brittany came out of the house. She said, “You finally got here I was worrying about you. I’m so glad that you got here.”
She smiled and hugged Brennan and turned to me and Sarah. She hugged me and looks at Sarah. Brittany was excited to see Sarah again. It had been roughly two years since we last saw Brittany and Brennan. Brittany ruffles up Arthur’s hair as he hides behind Sarah’s right leg. Brittany says to Sarah, “I see you are having another baby,” she smiles, “is the new baby a boy or a girl?”
Sarah replies, "It's a girl and we are going to name her Ella.”
Brittany smiles and asks, “How far along are you?”
“I am eight months pregnant so in a couple weeks I am going to have the baby,” Sarah says with pride.
Brittany nods and leads us into the house where Sarah can rest and the rest of us to keep an eye out for zombies. We rest there for a couple hours and then finally Sarah says, “We should move on because we don’t want to stay in one place for too long.”
Brennan says, “Well I am not leaving without Brittany.”
Brittany replies, “Well I am not leaving this house because it is safe here, but if you two are leaving then I know where you can go. Further north from here is an evac zone where the military is helping rescue survivors. But it is really far north in the woods. You can stay the night here so you can leave in the morning.”
We agree and Brittany leads us to our room for the night. I did not get very much sleep that night because the house was attacked by zombies. Arthur came into our room and stayed with Sarah as she slept and I went out to fight the zombies with Brittany and Brennan. The next morning, Sarah comes downstairs with Arthur to the sight of Brennan, Brittany, and me sitting in the living room covered in blood and exhausted. Sarah asks, “What happened last night? Did zombies attack the house?”
I reply, “Yes zombies attacked last night and I didn’t want to wake you since you are still pregnant and you needed your sleep. So I had Arthur stay with you to make sure you were safe while I was gone.”
Sarah stares at me with a slight look of anger on her face. She says, “Well I know I’m pregnant, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do my job as a mother to defend our son!”
Sarah sits down in the nearest chair and doesn’t say anything to us, but she grabs Arthur and hugs him tight. He hugs her too. Then she stands up and hugs me and says, “It is ok, I guess, I forgive you, but next time you better let me fight with you because I don’t know if I could forgive myself if you ever got hurt.”
I hug her tightly too and ask Brittany if she had any extra supplies that she could let us have for our travels. She replies, “Of course I can let you have our extra supplies!”
I smile and ask Sarah to take Arthur upstairs and clean him up and to get him ready for our travels. While Sarah went and got Arthur and herself ready to travel, I was in the kitchen collecting extra supplies from Brittany for our travels. As I collected supplies for us, Brittany went upstairs and helped Sarah put on clean new clothes even though the clothes were a little tight around the belly region. They came down twenty minutes later and I almost dropped the backpack full of food. She looked so beautiful and she seemed to glow. Sarah laughs at me when she sees me being clumsy.
She walks over to me and hugs and kisses me. I blush a bit and she laughs which makes me blush more. Arthur joins our hug and I smile because we are a family. Sarah broke the hug and says, "We should probably be going now before it gets too late in the day to travel."
I agree and we say our goodbyes to Brittany, Brennan, and Elizabeth. We left the house and started to head north in the direction Brittany told us to go. We headed north and we travel during the day and sleep during the night. I fuss over Sarah a lot since she is about a month away from giving birth. I have Arthur watching Sarah whenever I need to go out to search for supplies or shelter.
Sarah stops me one afternoon and tells me to let her rest for a while. She sits down on a rock and rubs her belly. She calls me over and places my hand on her belly and she smiles at me. I feel the baby kick and I smile back at her. I keep watch as Arthur and Sarah rest for a while. As I look towards the south, I see a huge horde of zombies running towards us. I yell, "Run! Get into that house over there and lock the door!"
Sarah and Arthur run as fast as they can toward the house as I attempt to give them enough time to make it inside. Once they reach the house I pushed the zombies surrounding me away and sprinted to the house. I run inside and Sarah locks the door behind me. We hide in the house for the rest of the day and the night. As we hide, Sarah fusses over me because during the fight I got several scratches from the zombies.
The next morning, we leave the house and head north into the woods. As we enter the woods we encounter an old abandoned house. Sarah says, "Thomas lets rest please because my feet hurt, my back hurts, and Ella won't stop kicking me."
I smile and walk over to Sarah. I rub my hand lightly over her belly and I slowly calm Ella down. Sarah thanks me and we eat lunch at a nearby picnic table. I keep watch as Sarah and Arthur eat and rest. Sarah finishes eating and tells me to eat lunch and she will keep watch. I disagreed at first, but she persuaded me after a couple minutes of arguing. I sit down and eat lunch and a few minutes later we pack up the remains of our food.
We decide to go deeper into the forest and see if we can find the evac zone. As we walk deeper into the forest, we hear a bear growl from our right. A bear rushes out from the grove of trees and charges at us. I quickly take out the chainsaw and start it up. The bear rears up and prepares for an attack. As it lifts up, I quickly shove the chainsaw into its stomach and tear up its chest and through the top of head. Its corpse topples over onto the ground and I turn off the chainsaw. I look at the bear and smile because i notice I am covered in its blood.
Then all of a sudden, a wolf rushes from a bush and jumps on top of me. I fall backwards onto the ground with the wolf trying to bite my throat. I am barely holding the wolf off of my throat. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Sarah come out from behind a nearby tree and grab my crowbar which sits next to the bag of food. She creeps up to the wolf as quiet as possible and hits the wolf over the head. It falls to the ground knocked out.
I stand up and hug Sarah tightly. I say, "Thanks Sarah I would have been zombie food if you wouldn't have saved me."
I stop hugging her and grab the sledgehammer from the bundle. I proceed to crush the head of the wolf to make sure it will never come back from the dead. After that, I examine the corpses. I feel worried and Sarah senses my worry and anxiety. She walks over and asks, "What is wrong?"
I reply, "Well for starters, these animals are infected. I can tell by the bloodshot eyes and discolored skin. That means that the infection has spread this far and that lessens our chances of finding the evac zone safely."
She hugs me and assures me that we will find the evac zone and survive the infection. I express that I do not share the same amount of confidence as Sarah. We pack up the bundles and continue into the woods. It starts to get dark when we approach the entrance to a cave. I do not want to go inside, but Sarah says, "It is getting dark and it will surely be safer in that cave than out here in the forest.”
I hesitantly agree and we head into the cave. We spend the night in the cave and I stay on guard duty so Sarah and Arthur can get sleep. The next morning, Sarah wakes up while I am preparing breakfast. She quickly eats her breakfast and I eat mine. Arthur wakes up and demolishes his breakfast and asks permission to go explore the cave. Sarah says he may leave and he runs down the cave to explore.
He runs back and excitedly says, "Mommy mommy come look at this!"
Sarah gets up and slowly follows him, leaving me to pack up the food and catch up to them. When I find them, Sarah is looking at a gap in the back of the cave. She turns to me and says, "Well Arthur found a hole in the cave and I have a feeling that it might help us get to the evac zone."
I look at the hole and start to push my way through the hole to the other side. I make it through the hole and Arthur crawls through the hole after me. Sarah brings up the rear and catches up with us. I look out over the landscape in front of us and smile. I say, "At least the trees are not as abundant on this side of the cave."
We continue to walk and eventually find a military base. We are approached by a soldier and he says, "Freeze, you cannot come in here without first passing the test to make sure you are not infected."
We are escorted to a holding cell where we wait for several hours. A military officer with a gas mask on walks into the room and stands in place slowly examining us. He states, "The woman is with child, but the man is of no use to me."
I am startled and say, "What do you mean?"
He replies, "The woman may help us develop a cure, but you have no use to me."
I emphatically say, "That woman is my wife! I will not let you have her!"
The man sighs and does not move. I start to slowly edge over to Sarah and Arthur. I cover them with my body. The man calls his guards over and says, "Grab the woman and child, they will be perfect for my experiments."
I am just about to argue when Sarah gets my attention. She says, "Thomas, I need help."
I turn to look at her and I notice the pool of liquid on the floor. She quietly says, "My water just broke."
I start to freak out and I turn my back on the military officer. As I finish turning I feel stinging pain in the back of my head. I fall to the floor unable to move. I see Sarah and Arthur being dragged away by the guards as I slowly fade into unconsciousness. I could faintly hear Sarah screaming my name as she was dragged away. The military officer looks at me and smiles evilly and walks out of the cell.
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Dec 9, 2012