Zombie Story Part 2

I snap awake with a splitting headache and one thought stuck in my head. Where is Sarah and Arthur, I keep frantically asking myself as I look around my surroundings. I appear to be in a jail cell that looks relatively new. I stand up slowly and steady myself against the wall for support. I think to myself, how long had I been out and where is my family. I sit down on the bench to create a plan of action.
As I sit down, I hear a noise from further down the cell block. It sounds like a bunch of people running, I think to myself. As the noises appear to be getting closer, I hear a sound that sounds like men yelling. I stand up in my cell out of anticipation. Conner, my old friend from high school, and other men in orange prison jumpsuits ran past my cell. “Conner? Is that you,” I ask.
He stops and looks at me. “Thomas! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you! Let me get you out of there,” He says.
He attempts to hack the security lock on my cell. But to no avail does he succeed. “Screw this! I don’t have time for this!”
He shoots the lock and opens the cell door for me. We fist pound and he hands me a knife and an m16 assault rifle. As we walked, Conner told me about his travels after high school. “After I graduated, I went to college and married my girlfriend Kaycee. Four years ago, we had our wonderful son, CJ.”
“I am guessing CJ stands for Conner Junior. Am I correct?”
“Yes you are correct.”
I reply, “My son is five years old right now.”
“Oh really? Tell me about what you did after high school,” he says.
“Well I went to college and got my degree in information assurance, aka computer security and I married my girlfriend, Sarah, and had my son, Arthur. He is now five years old and we are expecting a second child,” I say happily.
He looks at me and says,”Do you know what gender the baby is going to be?”
I smile and reply, “It is going to be a baby girl.”
He starts to say something but is interrupted by an alarm going off. The announcer on the alarm frantically says, “Riot in cell block 5! All guards defend the exit!”
Conner smiles, loads his gun and says, “This going to be fun.”
We start to walk further down the cell block towards the exit with other prisoners rushing past us. I ask, “So how did you get here?”
He looks over at me and says, “My family and I thought the military would be able to help us, but we were wrong and they took Kaycee and CJ away from me and they locked me up here. How did you get here?”
I rub the back of my head that was still sore from the hit I took before and say, “Well Sarah, Arthur, and I got to the military evacuation zone and they took them away from me. And to make matters worse, Sarah’s water broke right before I was knocked out by the military officer so she was going into labor because I have no idea how long I was unconscious for.”
He pats me on the shoulder and says, “We will find your wife and kids I promise and we will find my family too. If they are alive still that is.”
We walk down the rest of the cell block without talking. We defeat the guards defending the exit, when we hear the announcer again. “All guards fall back! I repeat fall back,” He yells!
We stay behind the rest of the prisoners, who are running for the exit. We find that the exit has been locked down and that it needs to be unlocked. I find a door leading into an office area that holds the button to unlock the exit. I get on one side of the wall while Conner gets on the other side. He shoots the lock with his shotgun and I kick the door open and we rush into the room. We find the prison warden hiding behind his desk. We pull him out and force him to unlock the exit.
“You won’t make it out of the prison alive you know,” the warden says while he enters the door code.
Conner smiles as he is done entering the code and hits the warden in the back of the head with the butt of his shotgun to knock him unconscious. We walk back to the exit to find the door has been opened and we continue our escape from the prison. We walk into cell block 6 and see the guards falling back towards the other end of the cell block. They are shooting the prisoners running towards them. Most of the prisoners are hiding behind cover so they don’t get shot.
I aim down the sights of my assault rifle and take careful aim at the guards. I fire burst shots into the heads of the guards. They fall down bleeding to death while their brains are splattered on the walls. We continue on our way down the cell block. We go through two more cell blocks before I stop. The announcer comes on the intercom and says, “Zombies have broken through the front gate! All guards be alert for prisoners and zombies!”
I think to myself, Oh great now we have to kill more things just to survive. I quickly disperse a group of zombies that ran in from the opposite side of the room. The remaining guards are quickly overrun and killed by the zombies. "Wow I did not see that coming at all," Conner says dryly.
I quickly reload my rifle and start to shoot at the zombies. We fight our way through hordes of zombies until we get into the main hangout area for the prisoners. I stop quickly and hold my hand in the air. "Shhhhhhh did you hear that?"
Conner replies, "What? I didn't hear anything. Wait I hear it too. Are those screams?"
I nod and say, "It sounds like screams of pain. They sound like Sarah. Sarah!"
I run to the wall where the screams are coming from and I start to kick the wall. As I kick the wall, it slides open to reveal a hidden passage way. We start heading down the hallway and find an elevator shaft leading down. I shrug and press the button to call the elevator. The walls seem to shake as the elevator makes its way up the shaft.
Zombies’ attention was attracted to the hallway where we were. We fight wave after wave of zombies and it seems like an eternity. Finally, the elevator arrives and we back peddle into the elevator as we shoot the zombies that are running at us. When we are both in the elevator, I press the button to go down as Conner uses his shotgun to hold off the zombies. The elevator doors slide shut.
I am nervous because I do not know where we are going. I do not know where my wife and kids are. I have no plan of action. I sit down in the elevator and rest my eyes. I have no idea when the last time I slept or rested was. I still have the pain in the back of my head and I slowly drift off into a daydream.
The sound of the elevator grinding to a halt snaps me out of my daydream and back to reality. Conner helps me back to my feet as we prepare to fight whatever is on the other side of the door. The door slides silently open as we step out cautiously. I look around and see nothing so I lower my gun. I say, “There isn’t anything down here.”
I hear the scream again and I sprint down the hallway and around the corner. Conner is following me trying to catch up. As I come around the corner, I am face to face with a zombie. It did not look like every other zombie. It looked different and as it turns to me I see why it was different. Its arms were tied behind its back. There was something else wrong, but I could not figure it out until it opened its mouth. Its high-pitched, shrill voice almost breaks my ear drums. I drop to my knees in pain while covering my ears trying to block out the scream. Conner lifts up his gun and shoots the zombie in the face. He simply says, “Screamer.”
He helps me to my feet and hands me my assault rifle. I lean on a wall to support myself as I regain my senses. Conner says, “Hmmm I wonder what this place is. Plus why is it under the prison?”
I shrug and shake my head, and then I nod to confirm that I am ready to go again. We walk slowly and cautiously down the halls of the underground facility. We fight a couple more regular zombies before we reach a big room full of computers. I walk over to the main computer and say, “I’ll see if I can hack into the computer and figure out what this place is.”
I place my gun next to me and start tapping at the computer keys. A couple minutes later I gain access to the computer files. I scroll through the files and say, “It looks like this place is a research facility. It sounds like they were looking for a cure. Maybe our families are here too.”
Conner leans on the desk and looks at the screen. He then replies, “Maybe. But how close were they to finding a cure for these poor souls?”
“Hmmm it looks like they weren’t very close at all. Do you see these files here?” I state while moving the mouse to indicate certain parts of the screen, “there were a lot of failed experiments and those failed experiments must have mutated the virus which caused that thing you called a ‘screamer’ to be created.”
“My God! So you’re saying that instead of curing the infection that these scientists accidentally made the virus worse for all of us! Now it’s going to be even harder to fight zombies if there are mutated strains of the virus spreading.”
I nod and go back to typing on the keyboard. I search through the camera feeds trying to find our families. It only takes me a couple minutes to find our families in a holding cell further in the facility. I say, “Ok I found them, but they are down a couple floors and it seems like there are zombies everywhere down there.”
Conner evilly smiles and says, “Good that means there will be more fun for us.”
I shake my head and reply, “These zombies don’t look like normal zombies. They look like the virus has been mutated within them too. They won’t be as easy to kill as the regular zombies.”
We reload our guns and walk through the room to the door at the other side. I slowly open the door and make sure there aren’t any enemies on the other side. At the end of the hallway there is an elevator we can take further down. We start to walk down the hallway, when I hear a grunting sound coming from behind us. The ground starts shaking as I slowly turn my head. I see a huge, muscled zombie running at us. We start to run towards the elevator.
The elevator doors start to close and we both slide into the elevator just in time to see our last glimpse of the hulking zombie. We both stand up and take deep breaths to try and calm ourselves. I look up as I hear the grunts again. I ask between breaths, “You don’t think he will follow us do you?”
Conner shakes his head and says, “I hope to God that he doesn’t because I have no idea how we would beat him.”
The elevator slows down and slowly slides the door open. We begin to walk down the hallway towards our families. The elevator starts to go back up to the previous floor. There is an explosion from the elevator shaft as we walk away. We are both thrown to the ground by the force of the explosion. I slowly stand up and help Conner to his feet. Sirens begin to wail as we continue down the hallway.
I could sense that my family was close, but I could not help but think that there was something wrong. As we walk into the holding bay, I found what was making me feel uneasy. The military officer from before was standing further in the room with some people next to him. I look closer and yell, “Sarah! Arthur! I’m so glad to find you!”
Sarah looks at me and starts to cry. A look of confusion crosses my face as I look over at the officer. He is holding a vial of some sort. The officer says, “Good new test subjects, I was hoping that I would get to test this cure on someone.”
I say softly, “Sarah, please tell me that he didn’t inject you with that defect of a cure.”
He replies, “I was about to test it out on her, yes, but now I will test it on myself to show you that it works.”
He sucks the liquid out with a needle and sticks the needle in his arm. He smiles at us evilly and says, “See it works.”
His smug grin is wipes from his face as he realizes something is wrong. The officer spasms and starts to laugh evilly at the power that is now in his control. Conner says, “Uh oh something isn’t right here. We need to save them now before he does something to them.”
We start to edge ourselves closer to our families, when the officer starts to transform. He started to grow more muscles on his arms and legs. Conner says to me, “Do you see that control room up there? Cover me as I try and sneak up there to see if there is any way to free our families from this nut job.”
I sigh and train my rifle sights on the new military officer. I fire burst shots to bring his attention to me. He sprints at me and swats me against the wall. I slide down the cold brick and end up sitting down with my back leaning against the wall. I see my life flash before my eyes as I wait for him to bring my death upon me. He quickly closed the gap between us and I knew he wanted me to pay for my insolence.
As I prepared myself for the end, I hear the faint clicking noise of the cell doors unlocking. The changed officer did not notice because all of his attention was focused on me. I smiled knowing my family would make it out alive even if it meant that I had to die. I hear the footsteps of someone creeping up behind him. I look up into the eyes of my enemy and see his pure hatred towards me. I smile as I see a metal pipe hit him over the head.
The officer falls to the ground unconscious. The person who hit the deranged officer was none other than Sarah. She says, “You’ve just been dishonorably discharged.”
I smile faintly as she helps me to my feet. I start to walk, but I fall from my injuries. She helps me to my feet and puts my arm over her shoulder to support me as we walk towards the exit of the room. We walk slowly down the hallway at the end of the room. I hear a baby crying as we limp towards the door. Sarah leans me up against the wall and walks to Arthur and carefully grabs a bundle from his arms.
She smiles at me and shows me the bundle. It is my newborn baby girl, Ella. I can't help but to smile as I stare at my new child. She squirms in her blankets until Sarah calms her down and hands her back to Arthur. We continue down the hallway again.
We walk down the hallway until we reach a bunker door. I say, “I wonder if this is an exit to the outside.”
Sarah replies, “I sure hope so because I fear that you might not survive if we don’t find help soon!”
Kaycee reassuringly says, “Please calm down, Sarah. He will be perfectly fine. You should rest since you did have a baby just a few days ago.”
I smile at Sarah and say, “I can walk, but our son and daughter need protection so let me go and protect our children.”
She hesitantly lets go of me and walks over to Arthur and Ella. She takes Ella from Arthur’s hands and holds her in one arm while holding Arthur’s hand. Kaycee and CJ stay with Sarah to cover her. I limp behind them holding my assault rifle. Conner falls in behind me to bring up the rear. We walk up to the bunker door.
I limp up to the front of the group and attempt to hack the keypad. “This might take a while guys. Sarah, please rest and Kaycee it’s nice to meet you finally. Conner, Arthur, and CJ cover us.”
I hack at the key pad as Sarah and Kaycee sit down against the wall and the other boys get into position. I finally hack the keypad after two hours. The door slides open slowly to reveal a forest area. I look around to see prisoners fighting zombies and being ripped to shreds. Guards that tried to escape before the zombies arrived are being ripped to shreds too.
Conner says, “Let’s hurry before they notice us. I don’t want to be around when they see us here. Everyone be quiet and follow me.”
We follow him around the edge of the small meadow and hide in the thicket of trees. I sigh and limp over to Sarah. I hug her tight and I never want to let go. She whispers, “Get a hold of yourself, we need to get out of this place before we are noticed and if you continue to hug me, we will both cry.”
I let go of her and wipe my eyes. I limp over to Conner and he motions to let us know that we are going to continue further into the forest. We arrive at a river a couple minutes later. I look to my right and further downstream I see a dock for boats. At the end of the dock I see a patrol boat that seems to be prepared for using. I say, “Guys look over there! There is a boat we can use to leave this place.”
They agree with me and we make our way to the boat dock. I make a sigh of relief and say, “Finally we can get out of here.”
At that exact moment, Ella woke up and started crying. Sarah quickly tries to calm Ella down so we are not noticed by the zombies around us. We have no such luck as Ella’s crying brings the zombies attention towards us. Conner says quickly, “I will try to get them to follow me and you guys get on the boat and leave.”
Kaycee asks, “But how will you escape too?”
Conner replies, “I might not make it out of this alive. Thomas, please care for Kaycee and CJ for me.”
I nod and start to usher our families onto the boat. Conner stops Kaycee and kisses her passionately. He tells her, “Now get on that boat my love and don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”
He runs off into the forest screaming, “Zombies over here! Here is a tasty snack for you!”
I could still hear his gun fire long after he left my line of sight and hearing. I smile and get on the boat myself. I limp to the wheel and start the motor. We pull away slowly from the dock and start heading down the river. Kaycee sat on a bench in the boat and started to cry. Sarah sat down next to her and started to comfort her.
She said, “It is ok Kaycee, I am sure Conner can take care of himself, right Thomas?”
I look at the two women and nod. “Conner has more than enough skills to survive. I am sure he wouldn’t run off if he knew he would die.”
I focused my attention back on the river. Arthur walked up beside me and hugged my leg. He says, “I missed you daddy. Mommy missed you too.”
I smile and reply, “I missed both of you very much and you did an excellent job of taking care of your mom while I was gone.”
He smiles proudly and bounds off to tell Sarah about what I had said. A few minutes later, Sarah walks over with Ella in her right arm. She smiles at me and kisses me on the cheek. She says, “I heard what you said to Arthur and I am glad you finally showed up because I was beginning to think you were dead.”
I let out a good hearty laugh and kiss her. I reply, “I almost went crazy trying to find you guys.”
“So how long were we separated?” I ask.
“About two or three days because after they took us away from you, they brought us down to that cell. We met Kaycee and she helped me give birth to Ella. Of course Arthur and CJ helped Kaycee a lot by doing what she told them to do.”
“Wow. I am going to buy Arthur a toy after all of this nonsense is over with,” I say.
She laughs and hugs me. I look at the now quiet Ella. I smile at Sarah and say, “She looks just like her mother.”
She kisses my cheek and says, “I should probably get back to Kaycee.”
She leaves and I continue to steer the boat. I see a couple groups of zombies as we head down the river. I hear the faint sound of gun fire in the background. I think, I wonder if that is Conner. The sound of gunfire continues to get closer. I see Kaycee stop crying and look in the direction that the shots had been fired from. She says, “Slow down the boat because I can’t hear over the sound of the motor.”
I agree and slow the motor. The boat drifts just under an overhanging cliff. The sound of gunfire seems even closer now and I think I hear the sound of someone screaming. As I think that, Conner jumps off the cliff backwards while firing two pistols into a crowd of zombies behind him. I quickly limp to the port side of the boat. I get there just in time to grab Conner by the back of his shirt. He stops firing his pistols and looks up to see me holding onto him.
I haul him into the ship and he says, “Thanks bro I don’t think I would have made it if you hadn’t saved me.”
He is quickly greeted by his family as I go back to the wheel to get us out of this mess. Conner is hugged and kissed by Kaycee. CJ hugs his father and smiles at him. CJ says, “Dad that was cool!”
We all have a good laugh as we drive downstream. I ask, “Does anyone know where to go from here?”
Everyone shakes their heads and I say, “I guess we go with the flow.”
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Dec 10, 2012