Yep, I Have a Major Crush On Zooey.

She's so funny, cute, and talented. She killed me in Failure to Launch. I watch everything she appears in. Hey, ok, so I'm old but a grandfather/granddaughter crush is still a crush.

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5 Responses Oct 7, 2008

Ah, sister Emily. I like her but it's Zooey that captures my heart with those comic ex<x>pressions of hers and that little Charlie Chaplin walk she does.<br />
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I was watching Amy Adams and Emily Blunt in SUNSHINE CLEANERS yesterday (great movie, BTW) and I was thinking how much Emily Blunt reminds me of Zooey, especially with those wonderful facial ex<x>pressions of hers.

I prefer the other Deschanel sister - the one on Bones myself!

Lacey? I love that name. *wink*

Of course. I don't miss anything she's in. And I love that little Charlie Chaplin walk she does.<br />
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I'll tell ya someone else I have a grandpa crush on. Brittany Morgan, the girl who plays Lacey on The Middleman.

She is gorgeous. Those eyes are absolutely stunning. Have you seen "Tin Man"? Good movie. I just bought the DVD. It's a little cheesy in places, but I love her in it.