I don't go fangirly over celebritys but IF i did it  be for her.   She seems slightly quirky but very normal at the same time. she's approchable, unelequent, and has cute style.  If i was to choose a celebrity i relate to most style and personality wise it be her.  It helps also that she is in one of my favorite bands; She and Him. If you havent listened, get on that.  She's also married to the singer of 2 of my other favorites; The Postal Service and Death Cab.  One of my favorite music videos is for "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here."   Also i never get tired of  watching Elf. 

    Shes seems really sweet wich may partly be due to her cutsey style and that shes funny in interviews but the only thing that woul make me unsure about her is when she was a guest on top cheif.  She was with her mom, who she was being really bratty towards. Also she seemed just a teeny bit stuck up.  She may have been haveing a bad day though, it happens. :3

    I love her in all the roles ive seen her in but still i hope she  gets  more diverse and deeper ones.


And a random thing about me:  She is my sometimes boyfriend/ the person im really in love with's huge celebrity crush. I hope he ignoleges that my style is alot like hers;  vintage dollish dresses and brown hair with big bangs. 




wendyy wendyy
18-21, F
Mar 12, 2010