Started Zumba a month ago on my Wii console, honestly thinking I was going to dislike it and or give up but I was totally wrong!
I do think it makes it easier to do it at home with my room mate in comparison to a gym class with like 30 other strangers which makes me feel a bit shy.
It really makes you feel good, it's not hard at all, it's a whole lot of fun and it works!
CuddleMonster CuddleMonster
1 Response May 20, 2012

honestly you should give the classes a go...i thought the same as you and bought the wii game first...wish i hadnt wasted my money...i love the classes and everyone that goes is in the same boat and you may be surprised they are all very friendly its so much fun no one looks at you like your a twit...its not an aerobics class...its loads of will meet some lovely friends :)