My Trials And Tribulations Of The Zumba Experience!

I originally joined GoodLife Fitness in 2010 to help lose a bunch of weight. I was desperate, feeling despair everyday is not exactly a nice thing to go through. One day, while looking at their "classes" board, I saw ZUMBA and the word jumped off the page. I spoke to my trainer about it and she set me up.

My first class I was very nervous as I was about 200lbs heavier than everyone else there! I couldn't keep up and everyone else looked like professionals. Then one night I invited one of my friends who also has a GLF pass and she came with me. She's a bit smaller than me so I felt more comfortable. Throughout the evening, my self confidence dropped from a 10/10 to a 2/10 and I broke down right at the end... The Zumba Instructor told me that she was 315lbs (35lbs lighter than me at my heaviest!) when she first started her weight-loss journey and could personally relate to how I was feeling and that it IS possible to get healthy by having fun! I didn't believe her.

The 3rd class my friend dragged me to as I was very resistant given what happened last time.... My Zumba Instructor made a point to seek me out before class started. On her Iphone, showed me before, during, and after photos of herself from when she weighed her heaviest at 315lbs down to her goal weight of 135lbs (she's 5"3). I couldn't believe it. Again I started bawling my eyes out! There was hope, something I hadn't felt for a long time!

I returned again and again until January 2012. Between Jan 2011 - Jan 2012, I lost 100lbs thanks to my Zumba instructor! I was elated that I was losing the weight and keeping it off! A lot had to do with changing my eating habits, but the rest was from my Zumba Instructor! In February 2012, she found out she was pregnant and decided to go on maternity leave as she didn't want to put her body through all that exertion. I then purchased the ZUMBA dvd's for home - cost me about $100 for the kit, but totally worth it!

Between Feb and June this year, I struggled to keep the weight off, in fact, I failed at it. I gained back a bunch of weight until one day I spoke with my dad, who has always been my rock, especially through tough times. He told me "Look at all you've accomplished! Women in our family (aunts, cousins, etc) always use the excuse "it's our genetics" for being overweight, but here you are, living proof that it's not impossible, and it's not just our genetics!! Don't let all of your hard work go to waste! What would your Zumba Instructor say?" and I thought long and hard about that but only one thing she always said to me was "It is not hopeless. You ARE hope! YOU are all the motivation you need! So don't give me these excuses! When you ARE the motivation, the hope, there is no such thing as "not motivated" anymore. Keep your head high and your wings spread because baby you're flyin!" 

After that conversation, I ran into my instructor at the grocery store on a bad night, I wanted to binge on chocolate moose-track ice cream.... She noticed the ice cream and asked "What are you doing with that?" I wanted to lie. I wanted to say it's for a potluck or something, but I broke down crying in the middle of the isle and told her the truth. She knows me all too well! She gave me the best advice a former overweight, been-there-done-that-person could: "It's alright to have junk food in moderation. Go home and scoop out enough for an ice cream cone full, just enough to satisfy your craving. Then hide in in the back of the freezer and forget about it. Then when another craving hits in a couple days or even tomorrow, have another cone full. If you deprive yourself of these treats, it's setting yourself up for failure. Just like a drug addict, you can just stop cold-turkey - too many bad things can happen and then it's much easier to revert back to old habits when we reach our braking point. I know, I've been there, fallen, got back up and started from scratch again. There was even a point when my now husband put our relationship on "hold" until I could get myself together. Now look at me? Look what's in my basket?" She had tons of fresh vegetables, fruit, wheat pasta, 12 grain bakery bread, protein powder, lean meats, 2% milk (instead of homo milk) and frozen yogurt (which has a lot more health benefits than ice cream!) She then told me that she doesn't get those cravings anymore but still enjoys a nice bowl of ice cream or chocolate bar from time to time. 

I miss her. Without her, I would not be where I am today. Now, I do Zumba 3x a week from the comfort of my living room and occasionally, with friends. Perfect for those days I don't feel like being around people but still want to exercise! 

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wow ur zumba instructor is amazing helpin u through all tha i no it helps to loose weight cuz it worked for me 2 cant get enough of it naw x