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Last November I had hit a plateau in my weight loss and I thought I had to do something.  I heard people rave about the things that they like to do like spinning, kickboxing, and Zumba.  Well, I just can't take sitting on a bike seat for an hour.  I used to do martial arts and loved them, but it still feels like a workout to me.  I love to dance and I had been thinking about taking Zumba and had checked out a few studios in the area that offered it, but it was $10/class and that was just too much.  Then I remembered that when I was member of 24 Hour Fitness, they had Zumba classes, so I renewed my membership and went to a class that same night.  I was hooked!  And at 29.99/mo for my membership I can go to every Zumba class at every gym in my area if I so desire... much better than $10/class!  I love one of the instructors at my gum named Lisa, she's the best.  There is another instructor that is pretty good as well, and one who I'm not too fond of.  The quality of the class definitely depends on the quality of the instructor.  Overall, I am very pleased.  Happily Zumba helped me to break my plateau and since starting Zumba 4 months ago I'm down 19 lbs!  I LOVE ZUMBA.

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hey, I agree, Zumba is an amazing and affordable way to stay in shape. i love the Zumba music and even the Zumba DVDs, which I can use at home (I like to get some extra practice before going to my group classes)!

Over the past year Zumba has become so popular at my gym that you have to get a reservation or show up an hour early and get a pass before they run out. I used to go 4 times a week, but now I am lucky if I can get into the class 1 day out of the week. I guess it's ok because I needed to change up my routine anyway to try to break the next plateau, plus I have Zumba on for the Wii, so if I can't get into the class and HAVE to do it, I can use that.

I just started Zumba at home and it is addicting! I like the fact I can do it from home versus going in to a gym before or after work. I think it was worth the money I paid for the box set. Speaking of sweating, I have never sweat so much in my life!!!!!! But it is so much fun that I really look forward to doing it everyday!

I went to Zumba in my local gym too. I was curious about it, wondered about the hype and thought it would be a good story for a blog. <br />
<br />
After the class I sat down and blogged about my experience. That has never happened before. I guess the instructor was also an interesting individual and that added alot to my zumba session. I can see how the quality of the instructor makes a difference as this one had a good mix of salsa, belly dancing and bollywood. <br />
<br />
It is fresh and fun doing zumba. I'm not sure if my body could take it 4 times a week like the girl sweating away next to me, but it might help me with my plateau too so I might go every now and then.

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