I Love

I am a girl of many talents. I write, I sew, I read, I draw, I cook, I clean, I run, I try, I study, I care, I listen, I work, and I play.. but most of all I love. And i don't have any friends. All i have is a family and a boyfriend. And i love them. They are my pride and joy. And i try to love them with so much care as like they had "fragile" stamped on their forehead. And i don't think they see it yet, but one day they will. Whether it be here on earth, or clear into the after life, they will know that I love them. And yeah, I have dreams, but non of that matters to me without them. Infact, one of my biggest lifetime dreams is that my boyfriend realizes how much I love him. I've taken him for granted a few times.. and I've surely learned from it; and I need him to know that I'll do anything for him and that no matter what he does i'll be right behind him, he can call me at anytime of the night, and he can ask me for anything and i'll do it. From the time i layed eyes on him, I loved him with a deep passion that I've never felt before. We've been together for quite a long time, and I expect many more years ahead. He's my best friend. I know I surely can tell him anything, and I do. And he's said and proved that he'll love me no matter what.. but after all this; something is missing, deep in his heart... something out of my reach that i need to grasp... i need to get to it before it's to late. you can see it in his eyes and i can hear it as he breaths.. something is always on his mind,something he needs to set free. And ever since I've met him, i've promised God, I've promised him and I've promised myself that I'm going to take him under my wing and take care of him. He's been to jail, he was on drugs, and was in a gang, has tried to commit suicide and used to cut himself, was going no where with his grades and was with a bad crowd, but he's turned himself around, graduated and everything. He still has some things we need to cross, but he's such a big teddy bear; he's my teddy bear! And he's the love of my life and I promise to cherish every waking moment I have as long as he's apart of it.. I just wanted to write this story and say, "Babe, I'll Love you forever and always." -*****
Lilmizzsilence Lilmizzsilence
13-15, F
Jul 18, 2010