A Mama's Love

My mind wonders.....Then a glimpse of time long ago, shake violently, no not there go further...oh no too many tears don't stop, run.....
Ah we are there again, shake a little, lose the pain find the joy. and there it is. My kids are with me again, look at the little happy faces and look and their pretty mama. Now we are there at our happy place.
When my kids were little we would escape back there together, they would stop crying and mama would too. Life had gotten into our path and hell from the divorce took away all the joy.
The pain that followed was more than my mind could take, so they locked me away for awhile, in a corner I would cry the only thing I had was a notebook and pen, I wrote daily, so they would one day know, mama was always there. Just not there with them.
years went by and time stood still until the day mama brought you home again, home with me the way it should have always been.
You both are grown now, and I found the notebook, page after page of tears and pain that I thought you would want to read and understand one day.
with every page I only felt the pain and yes it was the same. So all those words and the tear stained pages have been offered up in flames. I started to call y'all just to say, mama let go its okay anyway.
But today your mama is healing and my joy shall never go away, because a mama's love for her babies will never be shaken and never fade away.
mommaceitta mommaceitta
51-55, F
May 6, 2012