Well, here's that "Other Story".

I met the only person to understand me on my 19th birthday. In a chat room. Yes, a chat room.

I was sitting alone in my room, suffering from a bad case of Insomnia, and was dealing with a few drama's with my mother. (She had said the day before, she wished I had never been born...yay for me.)

So! I randomly typed in Chat Rooms in Google and up popped a chat site. I clicked it, entered it with a casual name like "BoredGirl" or something, and as soon as I entered, the regulars of the room immediately laughed, told me I was very original and that I should change it up a bit. I was going to leave, because it didn't seem like a place for me, until one user names "JackAss" sent me a private message "Lol, to be fair, it is a bad name :) But if you want to change it, I can help you out if you like?"

The room was FULL of perverts, so I was hesitant with talking to anyone, but then realised that anonymity is the best, there was nothing to be scared of, so **** it. Plus, he was in Ireland, so what harm could there be right?! I told him "Sure why not?" And that's when our friendship began. I spent the entire night and most of the next day talking with him, he reminded how to laugh and we had a great time. We swapped emails and he became a very, very close friend.

He understood me so much, we were the same age and he could turn any bad mood I was in into a happy one. I started falling for him, someone I had never seen, in the 5th month of our friendship, we flirted and laughed and one day he was feeling down. I helped him through a really tough time, like he had done to me many times before and he stole my heart by saying "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here any more" We continued to talk, and it became obvious we were having feelings for eachother, but he continued to see people where he lived, and I saw people here, but no one ever matched him.

We talked daily for 8 months before we finally decided to show each other ourselves on cam on the chat site. I swear, both of our breaths caught in our throats. He was soooo handsome! He was the perfect looking guy for me, he had blonde hair (something I never found attractive until I saw him) He had green eyes, a huge smile and his eyes sparkled when he looked at me. I couldn't stop blushing, and he couldn't stop laughing. We chatted and cammed for two more months until one day he sent me an email that broke my heart. He said that friendship for him wasn't a possibility for us any more. He wanted me, but knew it was impossible. We lived too far apart, but if I had lived closer he would be at my door, beating it down and professing his love for me. I didn't know what to say. I wrote him an email, saying how much I never wanted to say goodbye to him, how much I cared for him, and all the things I wanted for the both of us. But I never sent it. We didn't talk for a month and I went back to the chat site (a place I've come to call home and made a bunch of brilliant friends from around the world) and he entered. His name made my heart race and I wanted to hide, I had changed my name and he found me. He could always find me. He said he missed me so much, and that he was worried when I didn't send anything back, I smiled and sent him a private room chat and we talked again for 7 hours. I fell asleep on cam with him and he stayed with me until I woke up, he smiled and said he loved me, and said he would never love anyone as much as me. I smiled and said I feel exactly the same, then he frowned, looked like there was tears in his eyes (he never cried, which broke my heart seeing him so upset) and said "I'll never forget you, I'll love you forever" and then he left.

I haven't seen him since.
And I miss him everyday.
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18-21, F
May 7, 2012