What can I do? It's hard to explain, I have known her for years always talking been there for every problem she has gone through I liked her but I didn't think she liked me back. After a while I got with is girl (Lucy) because I don't know she liked me, we ended up breaking up because all I went on about is the girl who I really like ( chelsea). I told her about how me and Lucy broke up and we became close again then out nowhere Chelsea stopped talking to me and got with lad who abused her. After him she gets back in contact with me saying how everything went wrong with him I spent sleepless nights on the phone to her to help her thought it and relise I have fallen in love with her. After I talked her through the break up she blanks me again because she's bothering with other people but after a year she is talking to me again.. Should I tell her how I feel abou her? Or leave her to it. If it kind of doesn't make sence am a bit drunk
Lynskey120 Lynskey120
May 7, 2012