Im Way To Scared, But These Feelings Wont Go Away...

Hi there, im a 15 year girl, almost done high school. I have a secret only 5 people know bout me and thats, that i was sexually harrasded and almost raped last year, and it went on for 2 weeks. i was way to scared anyone. But this year my good friend Cody and i got closer together when i broke off my 1 year and 3 months relationship with my last boyfriend. Me and COdy get along great, we have many things in common and he kinda knows how to keep me calm and when i get mad(anger isses by the way) he knows how to stop me. Yea he smokes and drinks and that sucks but so does my sister and her boyfriend and they have been going out for 2 years! but im so scared to like someone again cause of my bad experiences with being sexually abused basically. So i took time and not talked to him for awhile i stopped liking him less and less then my friens Austin told him what i went through. Then we started talking again cause he knew why i was so scared. But as the result of talking again my feelings are back and i dont know what to do because yea, i do like him again, but im still scared. Plus, he talks to me more, looks in my eyes when talking to me, pays attention to me, teases me, makes my laugh by him doing stupid stuff, but i keep telling myself that he will never like me. I told him that as well and he said "well everyone can change, so their mindset changes and it could happen", But im a dense person so i dont know what that meant as the time and i still dont. SO! What do you think i should do? Move forward? Does it seem like he likes me? Should i talk to him about it? Im not sure what to do anymore:/. Opinions and comments and i will answer to the best of my abilities!! thank you!
CountryGirlForever66 CountryGirlForever66
13-15, F
May 17, 2012