Almost Hopeless.

it seems days ago, we were preparing to be married, now someone else is knocking on the window of time. Wanting to take my place in your heart. As i write this i am literately on the edge of breakdown. i love you and only ever have loved you, i know at times i can seem to be an *******. and for that i am sorry, i admit you do deserve better then me. so if you want to be with him, im fine with it. since i have to climb back up the later to your heart or so it seems anyway. my love for you has no limits, no restrictions, im sorry i seem so distant at times, but i love you with all my heart and soul.<3 im sorry if i have failed you and your love. after all i thought you would always be my googly bear.
rukikun6 rukikun6
18-21, M
1 Response May 20, 2012

Awe :(