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I Feel Like I'll Never Be Loved

I know they say we're to young to know what love is but that doesnt make this pain any less real.
I've had some really rough breakups. I've been cheated on lied to. I feel like I'll never be good enough. I feel that guys don't have any feelings, now they just seem like cold creatures who constantly inflict pain and want something from me.
When a guy does like me I tell him no and that he deserves better. They really do I'm just some bitter old hag who can't let go of the past trapped in a teen girl's body.
I'm not rich, I'm not jumping up and down for jesus, I'm not sporty, I'm not confident, I'm sarcastic and cynical about everything.
I just want to feel appreciated, wanted. I want to love someone and them love me back even more if that's possible. I want to be happy.
And if thats to much to ask for then I pray God will leave me numb and let me enjoy the other things this life has to offer.
smilekid527 smilekid527 18-21, F Jul 26, 2012

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