I Am In Love.

I have found someone who I cannot get enough of. We have been inseparable since day one. He is a good influence to my three and half year old son. He treats me like gold and my son like his own. After six months together, I wake up feeling happy. I spend my afternoon happy. I go to bed happy. I have found someone who respects, supports and trusts me completely. I am not afraid of telling him I took myself for a beer and meal during a school break. I have not had a panic attack in six months. (ones I do get stem from dealing with my sons father who is abusive) I am happier my skin glows and I feel like an actual partner in my relationship. He backs my play and doesn't let anyone take advantage of me. He has helped me start asserting myself in a good way and has built me up in so many other ways. He does not mock my views, opinions or religious beliefs. He is a hard working man. The job he has been with has promoted him twice in the short year he's been there. He went from a worker, to a field manager, to a general manager. I was so proud, I thought I was going to burst! He is humble, funny, sincere, trustworthy and understanding. We both have our seperate social lives, that do not get in the way of our relationship. We do spend the majority of our time together and once a month go out without each other. Sometimes twice. I am faithful and trust him to be faithful too. My partner appreciates his life more then the average person. My partner has made a complete 180. He knows what he wants and doesn't take a day or person for granted. He is a strong personality. He does not use drugs or alcohol. He has stable, consistant behavior. He got out of DH max prison in 2010. He's only been out for two years after serving ten years. He has eleven tattoos and only had one before the pen. I know. Not the "ideal" man and considering the abusive relationship I was in, it would seem like I just have another ******* in my life. But I really don't. Some mornings, as I wake and lay in bed, the sun streams through my window and it's warmth hits my face, I am undescribably happy. I don't walk on eggshells, I don't feel small and depressed. I can enjoy my son, my day and myself. I don't have to have the dishes done before he gets home, for a whole day I can leave and go to the beach and not be yelled at. I have my own money. I have proper fitting new clothes. My son has a new bed, clothes and shoes. I'm not saying I wasn't able to do this by myself, my son was well taken care of when I was single, I'm just making the comparison between the two relationships. The first was terrible. I didn't even have winter boots or jacket because he wouldn't spend the money or let me have any. I'm just trying to make the universal point of "you can't judge a book by its cover". Nor can you condem someone for their past convictions. Well most convictions. I know everything he's done and it doesn't bother me. Maybe it should. But he is no longer that person. Plus he treats me like a queen. Sometimes I get my back up but I am slowly learning he isn't going to hurt me. I'm finally learning love shows up in the strangest places. If you ever met him, your sides would be splitting from laughter. I'm not saying to go out looking for lifers you want to marry but don't shut someone out because they don't live up to social standards. If they are putting forth the effort keeping their noses clean and are going forward, why not? .
Jay27 Jay27
26-30, F
Sep 17, 2012