My Best Friend

Me and the boy called Jonathan met 5 years ago over a game called world of Warcraft (yeah I no sounds stupid but oh well) I don't if it feelings I'm getting for him but we stopped talking for 2 of those years and wev been catching up again but wer both older now I'm 16 n he's 17 and I feel more emotion for him and he's changed and is always nice when I'm sad he always cheers me up and says "dot worry I'll always be hear for you no matter what" but I'm from Scotland and he's from England and he still tries his best to do all he can to make sure I'm okay and help me with everything I'm goig through but lately I've been have dreams about me telling him I love him and he says it back but then it goes all hazy after wards I don't know what it means :S but ye that's my story I just hope I can meet him one day :)
Fallenangel104 Fallenangel104
18-21, F
Sep 19, 2012