We Will Be Together <3

I have been in quite a number of relationships.. One lasting almost 2 years and every single one of them broke me heart... But in the last while I have grown very fond of a girl!! Crazy as it sounds its true.. I mean ive always thought that I would never fall hard for a girl yes I will admit there has been two that I thought yano maybe??.. But I was blind... I love her more than anyone in this world more than anything I have... I have always been hard headed when it comes to love but she makes me melt like my whole insides become putty!! Lol ive become soft and its because of her.. As you all know I am very sick atm.. And shw is always by my side.. Day & night .. Always nagging at me about my health and what not but it is soo cute.. Haha she tried to learn irish for me haha and I couldnt stop laughing .. I found her effort soo amazing and her attempts hillarious.. I always am smiling when I talk to her.. I dont have depression anymore because of her!!! My anxiety is gone... Every bad tswhing that has happened in my life I donr give a **** about anymore I dont dwell on it anymore because I know I have someone who loves me as much as I love them and I have soooo much love to give... The things we talk about the things we shared is sooo deap and in that we found a connection.. I secretly had a crush on her at the start and I was droping hints flat out!! You think she would notice but she didnt.. And fyi shes the one that is suposed to be a lesbian.. What happened to lesbian intuition??.. Hahaha.. But anywho.. She text me and said she was more or less going to cut all ties with me??.. And I was wondering why!! I was getting soooo pist.. She said she had wrote about why.. But she didnt want me to see it.. And I was like email me it now.. It took a while to force it out of her but she sent me it anyways.. And as I was reading I was like this girl is sooo silly for not telling me that she was falling for me so emediately I wrote to her sayin "eh hello if you hadnt noticed I like you too".. And thats where it all started.. We are soo on the same wavelength with are immaturety..haha and we have a connection like noother.. I know that this is love I know it!! She does,the most sweetest things that I could never think off!! The list would be never ending if I sat here and wrote them all.. I have soo many picture soo many things from her.. Damn,i love her sooo much.. And I know she loves me!! We live so far apart though she lives in the philippines and I live in ireland.. but I would give up everything to be with her and I know she would do the same.. I dont want to be near anyone else I dont see myself in the future being with anyone else.... hahaha oh jade's in love again.. This time its real .. This is a start of new beginings and a new adventure!! :D
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8 Responses Oct 3, 2012

Now that's love, fo reel. I am always happy for people who find love like your's.

well you can always call a help when you wanted an interpreter because im very fluent myself with the language....she was in the Philippines and what place that maybe?

go ahead .. well filipinas are lovable and im happy that you found someone hope you two become together forever ..


wow! im seriously happy for you! :D and i did not expect this. I hope it lasts for you :) Long distance relationships are tough and very hard to maintain but you can do this woman! BELIEVE IN IT lol

well! i wish you all the luck in the world! :) is she coming to you, or are you going to her?

ahahaha! that is cute :P which country are you meeting in?! somewhere in Europe?

so your the girl howie's talkin' 'bout. . . cool. . . lucky! ! ! wish you both luck! ! !

Your very lucky!!!

I dont know what it is about the 2 year heartbreak, hate it. Ive lost intrest in women this time...Its harder to respect them after my last disaster, hang in there bud, god doesnt give us a scedule, love will find us

well..what can i say girl? I am happy for u.... ;)