We Were Once Together, But I Still Miss You

It was our first anniversary, he written me an amazing poem.
I was flattered to be with such an amazing guy, i wished to spend my entire life with him.
Well I was wrong, one week after our annie he brokeup with me.
No reason did he mention, i was left heart broken i was crushed from the inside, since then i believed that it was my fault it was something i had done wrong.
Well this depression had come because i'd been REJECTED, first time in my life someone had broken up with me, someone i loved so sincerely someone i cared so much about.
I later foun out that he had tried getting back with the girl he dated before me. Unlucky that girl was and still is my classmate.
For the next few months i spent in depression. I ate ice cream. I agree it sounds stupid but thats what i did.
One Valentines day i cried and ate ice-cream remembering the times we had together and looking at all the happy couples holding hands, staring in each others eyes, WHY COULDNT MY STORY BE LIKE THIS?

He did get back to me and ask me out.
I being so naive said yes.
He lied to me a couple of times it later became so frustating that we broke up again.
We met each other again.
And realised the big blunder we had made in our lifes.
Things were about to take a U-Turn.
We went back to the time.

A 2years back.
When i dint know that guy and he dint know me.
i do still miss him.
and have to admit
I love him...
i pray to God each day that i want to get married to him someday...
MakesMeFeelBeautiful MakesMeFeelBeautiful
26-30, F
Nov 24, 2012