My Soul-mate

I love her so much i know that i do cause when people ask me what do u love about her and i tell them that i cant explain it cause love is undifiable i would do anything for her she my everything. she is my yin to my yang,she is my soul to my mate i would would walk threw fire to save her i want to marry her and spend the reast of my life with her. She is my angle and i know that it was meant to be cause her and i have been threw alot together but we stay strong and make it thew it together she is my everything. She complets me and i know that i completet her her and i so good togther.Plus she has never gave up on me just like i have never givin up on her and i will never give up and i stay faithful and loyal to cause i love her so much and when i am not around her it feels like i cant breat and i cant sleep with out her by my side SHE IS MINE FOREVER AND ALWAYS
CountryGirl104 CountryGirl104
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012