Confused, Don't Know What To Do :(

So its the same guy that I had spoke about in my last story, Things feel really confusing right now. If you love someone so deeply, the one thing you want to do is stick around and hope that something may come out of it. But then, if he is in love with someone else.. whats the point? :(

Stalking is now a criminal offense in the UK, not that I really feel like I am doing anything like that at all.. but its nice to know what he is up to and all that.

I had recently found out that he is seeing someone else.. and when I see the pictures, it breaks my heart knowing that he loves them and probably doesn't give a second thought about me. We don't talk much, but when we do I feel like im on top of the world.

I feel sick inside, not that im not happy for him, i am, but I feel like I can't be around him anymore.. I can't look at him whenever I see him etc..

I feel like I should lock my feelings away and through away the key forever.. never to be heard. I have to get over myself, make him notice that im not looking at him anymore, making him notice that im moving on.. until I know for sure that he is completely out of my life for good.

Only then do I feel like I can move on.. away from this 'Nightmare of a Fairytale'.

But then at the same time..

"I Feel Lost".
LauraTW LauraTW
Nov 27, 2012