She Smiles At Me

is she look at me?

she is so pretty how can I get her attention?

look at her eyes..... i really like her eyes, i wonder if she has a boyfriend... it would be nice if i talk to her and i get to know her!...... but how?

Should I ask what is she doing at starbucks? naaah she might think i am a stalker... what if i just ask her a simple question like if she knows a good place to eat around the area?.. haha thats so stupid she will ignore my question and continue doing whatever she is doing.. ok i think i ll stand up and ask for a cup of water so i can have a quick look at her laptop and try to see what is she dooing.. she might be doing math and if she is doing that.. i might just say that i can help!! im good at math! great!!"

"excuse me, may i have a cup of water...... thank you!!"

shut!! she is on facebook looking at pictures of another girl??? thats funny that she is stalking while im being a stalker too.. i guess is the new normal...gee i think i should continue doing my homework, after all im not that handsome to ever date a girl like her.. and i think she get compliments all the time and from better looking guys of course.. what a dissapointment. i suck.....

promedio promedio
22-25, M
Dec 7, 2012