My First Kiss

First let me tell you a bit about me and Sam.

Sam has brown short hair and blue eyes. He plays hockey and rugby. He is 18. He is really strong and he has a six pack. He is popular in school.

I have brown straight hair and blue eyes. I play hockey as well but I also do horse riding. I am 17. He am not the strongest but I am not weak. I have a flat stomach and good sized boobs.

My first kiss was when I was when I was 14. Old I know right but I wanted it to be magical. He had already had his first but he knew I was mine.

He came to my house with a blanket and a box of chocolates. (It was our 1 month anniversary). He took me to this hill in the park that over looked the sea and we sat on the blanket together. The chocolates he bought didn't say what was in them and he said that he did that on purpose. We didn't have any allergies.

We fed them to each other. Some were nice and some were horrible. He stood up and picked me up in a marriage way and started running around. It was really bouncy.

He sat down on the grass and put me on his lap. We had the blanket rapped around us. He was holding me and I turned to look at him.

He said that I was so beautiful and funny and amazing. It made me blush. He leaned into me so I leaned into him and we kissed. It lasted about 20 seconds. I was amazing.

Later we went back to his house and at night I slept in the same bed as him. It was the first time. In the morning when we went into the kitchen he started to make me pancakes!

I am still with him now and love him very much xxxxxx
SamandRachel SamandRachel
18-21, F
Dec 15, 2012