I have fallen and i can get up... the only way up is down... why does love feel like your falling ... I love and i cant share it...  i come across as a fool...  Everywhere i go people are in love... they hold each other ... they laugh and look into each others eyes... they cry together they love together... I want that.. i want to hold hands walking down the street, I want to watch movies and laugh..... Love really hurts...

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TY Cinderelly :) I hope so too ... im still chewing lol

:)<br />
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What a great and sweet vision you have Caroli...<br />
It sounds wonderful when you describe it, all light and happy...<br />
<br />
I hope you have more of these experiences soon...

its like a hard chocolate with a sweet centre....<br />
you just keep chewing and chewing till you can taste the sweetness inside.

Love is both the most wonderful, and the most painful thing I know.

thankyou guys ... i feel the love. I hope i am not on here on valentines day haha and im out on a hot date :)XXX

Yes, i agree with Metal, and you know what Caroli9???? Love DOES NOT HURT. Some things about it may, certain exchanges at the moment, or situations, but in general, LOVE DOES NOT HURT. It takes time. It does. It will all be worth the wait when the right person comes along. Good luck...hugs.

it all takes time. i know that isn't what you want to hear but it is true. after 2 years alone and a terrible divorce, i finally found someone when i least expected it, on the internet oddly enough. stop looking and someone will be waiting for you.

You're a wonderful person; just be yourself and I'm sure you will find someone who loves you back :)