Maybe, Just Maybe.

The way I feel about my self I can not put it in words, but the way I feel about someone is a different story.

I haven't met him but I already knew about him. I was eager to find out if everything that was told to me about him was true, if he was what I pictured him in my head. Was it at least close to what he looked like in real life.

When we did meet, I was awkward and very nervous because I was afraid that he would some how read my mind and find out that I already know more about him and he has no idea who I am.

That was un necessary because our first few exchanged sentences were not the direction I thought would go to. Soon the tension was gone and we were just enjoying getting to know each other, well more like him getting to know me and when the time was almost over for us to go home and get some rest I was examining his features, his hands, the position he was sitting in and I said to my self that "I would have loved to get under his wing and be there forever."

When I got home I couldn't sleep I was so excited that I couldn't sleep I was processing every word that he said every word that I said that at four in the morning I was pawing through the house like a lunatic searching for something to make me sleep. Finally I found a book to read just as I read two chapters or so I was sleeping like a child.

I saw him two days in a row after that with every day I was fascinated by his humor and the way he would Look at me, or just look through me and read me.

Even though I haven't seen him after because he left for work. I still think about him everyday I don't know if anything will ever work out but I hope it does I pray that it does.

But if he is not meant for me then I want to forget him.

He will be in town soon I hope that maybe the mystery will be solved
Someoneforme3 Someoneforme3
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013