Live For Life And Love

this happened the next day of his birthday my body temp came down and no one was there that to after one week of my delivery my breast was paining baby is sleeping i asked him to get sum help he is yes the last think i know was that only after few minutes i felt my breast is being suckled and my milk is on free flow i thought it was the baby bt not i was in sex with my husband holding my fingers and suckling both my nipples and said sorry he had no choice left and said i luv you from that till now i am njoying my love life.

this contituned and he told me not to wear any tops just night line coat bcoz its eazy for him to suck my nipples in the night i feel that our sex life is growing day by day in a way it is healthy also always our sex starts with breast feeding and ends with breast feeding and during end he sucks in a tired And my milk flows to his inner mouth and half to me bi french kissing and massages me softly so that i can produce more milk .just now we had our first sex ended im typing side by side he is sucking by breast. njoy the night
odulvio odulvio
Jan 22, 2013